Social Media Managers~How I Began My Career.


How I Became A Social Media Manager. People are always asking me how I began my career as a social media manager. Here’s my story. It’s a little long but worth reading if you are seriously thinking about a career … Read More

Pinterest For Profit? 5 Easy steps for making money with Pinterest.


Pinterest For Profit? Pinterest  And Affiliate Marketing 5 Easy steps to take to make some extra money with Pinterest. Step 1 ~ Request an invite to join Pinterest Step 2 ~ When your invitation arrives in the mail. Create a … Read More

Elias Shams from shares the keys to living a cancer free life.


You might be asking yourself. Ok Carol what does this have to do with social media? Well here’s my answer. For one I’m a social media manager with a conscience. I have a strong desire to share and discover the … Read More

Radio Shows For Authors & Holistic Practitioners


One of the ways you can help your potential audience learn more about you and your book is to be a guest on several radio shows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve compiled a short list of radio shows that feature authors or offer … Read More

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Technological Trends to Be Ready for in 2020


In the past decade, technology has driven drastic changes in society and reshaped the world. From major companies to small businesses, it is important to recognize important technological trends and constantly be looking... Read More