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Thanks for visiting my website. You will find an accumulation of my writing, guest author posts, and a path for you to get in touch with me for my current offerings. 

Calling all change-makers and soulful entrepreneurs. Do you need help with your online business? Leverage your time and money. Stop hiring unreliable team members or trying to do it all yourself. Hire someone you can trust.

Hi! My name is Carol Lawrence. I reside in the mountains with my hubby of 36+ years and five chickens. I am very active in the lives of our three brilliant granddaughters. Family is my #1 priority. I’m a Best Selling Co-Author of Women On Purpose, and Biz Owner of Social Media Help 4 U for over 10+ years. I’m a behind-the-scenes extraordinaire for my clients. For almost a decade and a half, I’ve offered all things social media-related (coaching, management, content creation), business operations, Woo Commerce, Shopify, newsletter services, blogging, and much more.

These days I primarily focus on creating my conscious living products, courses, books, blogging, and helping my clients with ebooks, pdfs, white papers, guides, content creation, copywriting, content management, creating ai graphics for marketing/pod products, managing Youtube channels and moving videos over to Rumble.

Check my availability, packages, and retainer fees, by filling out my form so I can learn more about you, your marketing/content needs, and your monthly budget. I’ll reach out with my availability. When you sign up to work with me, you’ll be working with me directly.

“As entrepreneurs, we’re no longer running businesses…we’re spearheading soul-led movements, answering prayers, and creating magic and miracles.”
~ Jennifer Longmore

A glimpse of the services I can assist you with:

  • Content creation
  • Newsletter scheduling 
  • Content conversion – turning a transcribed zoom/live or article archives into blogs, newsletters, and social media pieces.
  • Management of your content team – oversee the freelancers you have working on various clients.
  • Blog scheduling and management
  • Marketing Planning
  • Pinterest pin creation, Pinterest management (Updating boards, links, descriptions)
  • Twitter Management (Scheduling tweets, posting threads, engagement, audience building)
  • Copywriting – About Us, Q & A, Sales Page
  • Ebooks – I can take several articles/blogs and turn them into an ebook or we can collaboratively work on one together depending on the subject matter and my availability. 
  • One sheets/PDF’s
  • Press releases
  • Moving your Youtube videos over to Rumble (A good idea if you’re in the healing arts with all the cancelation taking place. Create a backup plan.)
  • Video descriptions, adding Call To Actions, Thumbnails, video management. (I do not create videos.)
  • Accountability check-ins for the busy coach or CEO who needs support staying on track.

A few things to know about me:

Family time and running my business are very important to me. I don’t spend a lot of unnecessary time on the phone. I like to clarify projects and get them done. 

I do not put up with micro-managing. I work within my own time zone and schedule. This allows me to accommodate clients from different parts of the world. 

If you do live outside of the United States we can communicate through email and WhatsApp.

I’m highly organized and reliable. If you’d like to work with me, fill out my form and I’ll be in touch to see if I have availability and if we’re a good fit to work together. 

I value my time and I value your time. Busy business owners and CEO’s don’t have time to waste. I look forward to meeting you. 

“Carol is absolutely amazing to work with! She has done a little of everything for me and my company. She helped manage the day-to-day operations of the company and was great at taking the initiative to get things done. She helped with organizing company documents, copywriting, organizing and sending a company newsletter out, ran out Shopify store, and ran & coached our social media team plus watched over customer service! Probably the biggest value Carol provides is the support she gave me through our years of working together. She is great at listening to complex problems and providing high-level support on a business and personal level. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Carol and would say that you are lucky and fortunate to have someone like her on your team.”
Matt C. | Owner of The Alchempist, Sunshine Marketplace
March 2021

I work with a variety of clients offering a variety of services. After a decade of working online, I’ve mastered quite a bit. Have an odd project you need help with? Reach out and I’ll let you know if it’s in my wheelhouse or not.

“Carol was not only an excellent writer but also a wonderful person. I felt very comfortable with her from the very beginning. I highly recommend her.”

~ Kaori ( )

Books, Courses, Products, and Free Gifts

For over ten years along with my bestie Stacy, I’ve perused my dreams of building our Intentional Conscious Parenting Community. Together we co-authored 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. More books including children’s books and a full Intentional Conscious Parenting course are in the works.

I’m also the author of Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant, Real Opportunities For Working From Home. I wrote about working from home long before the trend become mandatory for some or cool for others.

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Want to learn more about me? How I began working online and read some of my testimonials? Head over to my recommendations page.


Soul To Soul With Carol Printable Store

Soul To Soul With Carol – Printable & Ai Digital Art Work Store

What are printables? They are digital files you purchase, download, print, and use. At my Soul To Soul With Carol printable store, you will find a wide selection of printables to help organize your kitchen & pantry, meal planning, affirmations for children, affirmation for adults, letter to and from Santa, planners, calendars, garden planning, chore charts for kids, screentime checklists for kids, 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm and more!

Fairy winterland ai art

What is Digital Ai Artwork?

Ai art is generated by using keywords, phrases, and ai generators. Images are put together one little pixel at a time. It takes time to get it exactly as you want it. It’s not necessarily completely smooth but it’s beautiful in its own way. I’m enjoying the creative process and am thoroughly excited to share my creations with you.

My Ai artwork isn’t available to be sold as is, instead, create something new to sell such as wall art, calendars, postcards, print-on-demand products, coffee cups, pillows, etc.

Use in your marketing for your landing pages, newsletters, social media graphics, Pinterest pins, sales pages, pdf guides, ebooks, book covers, phone wallpapers and more.

7 Stunning Magical Mushroom Trees – AI Art Created by Carol – Digital Download – Use For Your Marketing, Book Covers, POD or Wall Art



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“Carol is absolutely the best! I love working with her, she makes everything easy and just knows how to get the job done. Her skills are above and beyond what I expected. I cannot imagine running my business without her at this point.” ~ Jennifer Waters 

“Carol blows my mind every day!  She is absolutely incredible at what she does, and if you want someone who is actually going to care about you and the sacred tribe that you have built with your heart and soul, she is your go-to gal!  She sends me updates regularly and always has her eyes open for opportunities because she genuinely wants my message to reach more people!  I’ve worked with other social media specialists in the past, and Carol is by far THE best – plus I adore her as a person!!!  I wholeheartedly recommend Carol and feel that it would not be better served by anyone else!” ~ Jennifer Longmore – Soul Journeys

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Dear Carol, You have been an invaluable member of my team. Thank you
for everything! A couple of years ago, when I started my transition from a
“doc in the office” to a public figure, I had almost no knowledge of social
media. All I knew was that I needed someone who understood the
difference between selling widgets over the internet, versus helping me to
develop my online professional image. It took me a bit of searching before I
found you, and my search paid off: You have been diligent, detail-oriented,
and patient with my shortcomings (of which I have many), and you provided
exactly what I needed in terms of services. You have also been a great
teacher, willingly sharing your expertise with me. Thanks for everything,
and I know you will still have my back if I need to turn to you again in the
future. I’m happy to recommend you in the highest terms. When I was in
academic medicine, the highest praise I would give a colleague was “I trust
them with my data.” In your case, I trusted you with my good name – and I
am glad that I did.
Best wishes
James Coplan, MD / Developmental Pediatrician – Autism Consultant
(Social Media & Blog Management)


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