Grow Your Business With Facebook


  Don’t leave your business out in the cold. Look around you. Almost every major company website you visit or television show you watch has it’s own Facebook page. Why? Because that’s where the people are. With over 1 billion … Read More

Help! What Should I Share On Facebook? 26 Helpful Ideas For Business Owners.


  Help! What should I share on Facebook? I get asked this all the time. Business owners are not sure what they should be sharing on FB so sometimes they become overwhelmed and they don’t share anything at all. Here … Read More

How To Begin Your New Career Working From Home.

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  You really can work from home. Read my story and find out how I went from a Caregiver to starting my own social media management company. Don’t worry, you can work from home without starting a company.  Working From … Read More

Blab Replay: #EncoreChat with Carol Lawrence For Older Entrepreneurs

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  Blab Replay: #EncoreChat with Carol Lawrence For Older Entrepreneurs – Hosted by Judi Bonilla Ok here’s a little story for you. I did a Blab today with aging expert Judi Bonilla. I actually did two. I jumped on Sally … Read More

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