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Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. How do you spend your time? When you have dreams and desires for a much larger income, creating multiple sources of income, growing a business, writing a book or creating a course, how you spend your time matters. Time is more valuable than money and time is something you never get back! Prioritize and transform your life by allocating your time.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your time. Organize, organize, organize!

1. Plan your meals out for the entire week. Look up your recipes, make a grocery list and shop for the entire week all at one time. You will save yourself time everyday by not having to come up with a dinner idea or running to the store.

2. Make a to-do list for the month and then break it down into each week. Start with the most important task.

3. What project keeps popping up in your mind and heart telling you to follow through? Carve out time daily or weekly to work on the project that will get you closer to your freedom goal. For example. My best friend of 28 years Stacy and I have always wanted to write children’s books. To do this we knew we had to take our dream seriously. We set aside every Thursday afternoon. Everyone knows this is our writing time. We honor this time, it’s sacred to us and when we get together to write that’s what we do. Together we prioritize our time and work on all our parenting projects. We save everything else we want to do together for another time. (We are best friends we could easily spend our time chatting or cooking something in the kitchen.)

4. Increase extra time for your projects by dropping one of your favorite shows or record your favorite shows so you can watch them all at once or save time by fast forwarding through the commercials.

5. If you are a busy parent put your kids are on a regular bedtime schedule. Stick to this schedule. Once baths, reading time and snuggles are complete and your kiddo are in bed set this time aside for you to be able to write or work on your project. Even writing one page a night will put you closer to finishing your book.

6. Focus! Turn off all other distractions while working on your goal. 45 minutes of daily focused time can produce some serious results. Don’t take yourself or your time for granted. You are worth more than that!

I would love to hear about your goals and dreams? Are you writing a book? What’s it about? How do you allocate your time?

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