10 Passive Income Ideas

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If you had a variety of passive income sources and you were able to bring in $20 a day 365 days a year you would add an additional $7,300 to your income. 10 ways to start creating passive income.

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TikTok Advertising: Is it Right For Your Business?

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If your business has already embraced advertising on Instagram and Facebook, you might assume that your other options are limited (especially if your brand doesn’t automatically align with Gen Z customers). But given the growing popularity of the TikTok platform, you might be doing your business a disservice by ignoring the advertising potential it provides.

4 Tips on Marketing Your Law Firm Successfully

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Attorneys obviously practice the law and play a hugely important role in the world at large. But a law firm is also a business. As with any business, it’s hard for a firm to function successfully without attracting clients. The issue is that newer firms, and even firms that have been around for some time, now have to operate within an increasingly competitive landscape. Some firms even take to commercials online and on network television in order to get the word out about their services. But the reality is that in today’s world, even that may not be enough due to the advent and boom of digital marketing.

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