Carol Lawrence

So here’s the scoop. I began my online service-based business back in 2009. In the beginning, I started out as a virtual assistant and quickly transitioned into a full-time social media manager as social was just starting to take off. I spent a lot of time helping busy business owners set up their social media, plan out their marketing, market their books, manage their communities and of course, kept their social presence active online. 

Over time things began to shift and I felt it was more important for the authors, coaches, and biz owners I was working with to actively engage as themselves with their communities online. I took a step back from engagement and became their social coach/consultant. During this time I have blogged on two blogs for over ten years. This one, Social Media Help 4 U and Intentional Conscious Parenting, plus written numerous guest posts around the internet. I also wrote my first ebook about working from home. I’ve also co-authored two other books. One on Conscious Parenting with my bestie of 30+ years and one with a group of women. (We all became Best Selling Authors)

In 2017, I branched out and began working for Matt Chandler for Hemp Connex and fully immersed myself in the Hemp industry, learning a lot and making many connections. Matt’s business grew and transformed. My role went from social media manager to operations/customer service manager, amongst many other roles I played in his company. You can watch his recommendation video here. It is on my Facebook page. During this time I highly focused on the hemp industry, my writing, and helping take care of our granddaughter. 

In 2020 I have nearly come full circle. I along with my hubby ( A.K.A. Worlds Best Grandpa ) still help out with our granddaughter, take care of my elderly mother, spend time in nature, and also spend my time assisting my private clients behind the scenes with copy, content, and guidance. If you’d like to learn more about how I can assist your spiritual/metaphysical/health-based coaching business take a look here


Online Biz Support For Transformation Coaches

Recommendations for Carol Lawrence, Owner of Social Media Help 4 U


“Carol is absolutely the best! I love working with her, she makes everything easy and just knows how to get the job done. Her skills are above and beyond what I expected. I cannot imagine running my business without her at this point.” ~ Jennifer Waters


“Carol is a pleasure to work with! Her ability to relate to customers and address their needs speedily and with compassion surpasses your common customer service. Regardless of the situation, Carol always maintains a calm and comforting disposition towards customers and her peers. She is an anchor in storms and she leads with sincerity and assurance. Her organizational skills and dedication to her work set her apart even further. Her team-building skills are sincere and seemingly effortless. Her dedication to seeing every task completed is certain.” ~ Nikki Jackson


“Carol can def bring Calm to Chaos. She’s positively uplifting and patient. Delivers above and beyond what is asked for. Highly recommend her!!!!” ~ Stephanie Johnson-Velasco


“Carol blows my mind every day!  She is absolutely incredible at what she does, and if you want someone who is actually going to care about you and the sacred tribe that you have built with your heart and soul, she is your go-to gal!  She captured my voice instantly, made an effort to familiarize herself with my message, to get to know me as a person and to serve my community on my behalf.  She sends me updates regularly and always has her eyes open for opportunities because she genuinely wants my message to reach more people!  I’ve worked with other social media specialists in the past, and Carol is by far THE best – plus I adore her as a person!!!  I wholeheartedly recommend Carol and feel that it would not be better served by anyone else!” ~ Jennifer Longmore – Soul Journeys

Carol’s in depth knowledge of social media, marketing and reaching my potential customer base was/is invaluable.  She was patient and extremely kind in helping me understand what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.  She has held my hand on many occasions but now I have learned so much it’s hard to say thank you enough.  If you haven’t I suggest you contact her and see where she can take you.  You never know what’s lying around the corner but taking this first step definitely helps. Thanks again Carol!  Author – Mikel Parry


Have you ever felt STUCK with Social Media? No clue where to go? What to do? Where to focus your attention on? That was ME! Can you feel my pain?? Then I reached out to Carol Lawrence with Social Media Help 4 U. Within a few minutes I had a list of action steps I could take to streamline my messages and un-clutter my desk and calendar. Carol helped me get the left hand talking to the right hand oh yeah, and both talking to the brain. yahoo me. Now, I have a multi-media publishing plan I publish over a variety of Social Media platforms. Carol showed me what apps and programs to use to be more efficient and save time.

Carol even walked me through getting my posts onto Instagram (this after struggling with it for a year). Today I am feeling
Capable, Accomplished and Excited with my Social Media outreach. Thank you Carol for understanding and guiding me to owning a new experience
with Social Media.

~ Dr Nadine Magnificence Mine and Creating RESULTS Holistic Center


Carol, The team and I were just wondering where you’ve been all of our lives!! Lol
Thank you so much!! It’s not always easy to find people that instantly click with a vision and I can say I have truly been fortunate with those around me. You included. Lol. You seemed to get it from our first call.
Thank you again!


Bringing Carol on to help run our social media platforms was one of the best decisions we made for Carbon Flyer.  She is great at managing our Twitter and Facebook presence.

She helped us increase our following and generate more drone-related content to keep our fans engaged.  Carol is a pro at keeping us on top of our interactions with followers and media outlets.  She knows how to answer people’s questions, and always checks back with us for feedback to make sure our brand is well-represented. She has even suggested improvements, campaigns, and strategies we have put into place to help build up our following and increase our SEO.

You’re going to love working with her.

– Bret Gould

Co-Owner, Carbon Flyer


After working with Carol for only a few weeks, she has already affected our sales positively and has earned our trust. She is a true light in the dark spaces of social media, and knows how to handle difficult situations (and clients!). Can’t wait to see how our bottom line looks after working with her for several months!

~ Kathy Bizzoco Green Frog Publishing


Although I’ve been an Internet marketer since 1996 I somehow missed the social media boat. With patience and wisdom, Carol Lawrence has brought me out of the dark ages. She’s helped me translate the functions of social media platforms into successful business strategies for my Internet marketing consultancy and for my clients. I trust her completely and recommend her to business owners who need help navigating the social media maze.
Teri McCready,


I would like to take a moment to thank a very special someone – Carol Lawrence walked into my world when I was in desperate need of help with my social media. Running a successful social media campaign takes talent and dedication. I have one but not the other. She has found a way to express my love & passion for all things furry & helps me to stay connected. She is also a great resource to bounce ideas off of and has one heck of an adorable fur family. If you are in need of social media rescuing, then I highly recommend giving her a call. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you so very much Carol – You rock! ~ Veronica Glynn, One Dog Organic Bakery


Dear Carol, You have been an invaluable member of my team. Thank you for everything! A couple of years ago, when I started my transition from a “doc in the office” to a public figure, I had almost no knowledge of social media. All I knew was that I needed someone who understood the difference between selling widgets over the internet, versus helping me to develop my on-line professional image. It took me a bit of searching before I found you, and my search paid off: You have been diligent, detail-oriented, patient with my shortcomings (of which I have many), and you provided exactly what I needed in terms of services. You have also been a great teacher, willingly sharing your expertise with me. Thanks for everything, and I know you will still have my back if I need to turn to you again in the future. I’m happy to recommend you in the highest terms. When I was in academic medicine, the highest praise I would give a colleague was “I trust them with my data.” In your case, I trusted you with my good name – and I am glad that I did.

Best wishes

James Coplan, MD / Developmental Pediatrician – Autism Consultant 


Carol is very knowledgeable about Social-media. She is also a reliable resource. Being a small team with a lot of things to do, and social-media being a channel that can consume quite a good amount of your bandwidth, we were looking for someone with a strong expertise and who can also meet our targets. Carol fit the bill very well. We increased our organic followers on twitter by 50% when Carol was handling our channels. Carol would be a reliable resource for anyone who wants to scale up their social media.

~ Team Avaz


Carol Lawrence with has been a tremendous help with Garrett Electronics Corporation’s social media marketing program. Before I met Carol, I knew virtually nothing about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google. Initially Carol, posted messages on my behalf to increase traffic to our website. Carol also patiently walked me through each program, provided me with directions, recommendations and excellent resources, which enabled me to reach my ultimate goal and post my own messages. In additional to her wealth of knowledge and experience, Carol is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Carol to anyone needing assistance with social media marketing. Please contact me for further information, Donna Garrett, CEO/CFO, Garrett Electronics Corp.

“Carol Lawrence has been helping The Parenting Place with our social media for the last 6+ months and WOW!! She is awesome! Social media, done right, is time-consuming! And it’s way more than just adding a post to your page every once in awhile………..
So, if you need assistance with social media get in touch with Carol.” ~ Teresa Nygaard, Executive Director at The Parenting Place.


I needed someone to help me resolve a Facebook issue and am delighted to have found Carol at Social Media Help 4 U. She resolved my issue and in addition gave me excellent advice via her Social Media Assessment tool. There are lots of folks trying to sell internet-marketing, SEO tools, or large company social media support; none of them fit my small business needs like Carol. In addition to being technically knowledgeable and easily accessible she is reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Carol’s services to those needing help with their social media efforts.

Laura – Allied ASID, NKBA Member

Pepper Jack Interiors


Carol is a person of high integrity. You are safe in her hands! ~  Joan Schaublin


Carol has been handling social communications The Art of Retouching for about a year now. I check in on it every now and again. I find that she keeps it all running without my needing to get involved. That lets me focus on the content creation. Knowing that Carol has all the twittering and pinning taken care of, makes my own job easier.  ~ John Ross


Carol and her company, Social Media Help 4U, has been working with us and our two websites for about 9 months. We have two quite different websites. The Christmas site is high energy and very seasonal, while the garden site is low key and has year around appeal. We chose Carol because she works with authors, individuals and small companies like ours and because, she and everything about her, displays strong moral values and high integrity. Carol got results for us, and quickly. Her strategies, efforts and advice this year, have helped us to achieve one of our best selling and profit years so far. We look forward to working with Carol and growing into the future. ~ Don Henderson

Currently working with Carol Lawrence at Social Media Help 4 U. Totally satisfied. Great to work with – efficient, effective, creative, responsible.. in integrity. Carol. I am excited to be working with you. For the first time, I feel i am in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. Thank you. ~ Elaine Seiler  (Transformation Energetics. LLC)


Carol Lawrence ( has provided Social Media Services to my company-The Essential Feminine Company with the highest possible standards. Carol understands the relationship side of social media which is what makes her work real and effective. Carol has been consistentin both providing leading edge growth ideas as well as consistency in postings and in creating visibility for our company. She has been an excellent team member contributing weekly to the growth of our company. I highly recommend Carol to serve as a social media coordinator for any company looking for a strong professional social media presence with depth and creativity and successful outcomes.

Maureen Simon, Founder and Creative Director of The Essential Feminine Company


Carol Lawrence is a dynamic and soulful woman devoted to her clients and friends.  As a fellow author, I have reached to her for social media advice and guidance.  She inspires me to create greater presence on the web while listening to and respecting my individual style.  Carol’s social media knowledge is vast and current.  More importantly she is reliable, sincere and totally dedicated to her work.  I highly recommend Carol for any of your social media needs. Alexandra Folz, author of Indigo’s Bracelet

Carol is an amazing individual. She thinks “out of the box” and always has great ideas! You can not go wrong working with Carol!!! ~ Patrick Lawson

Carol is a hard-working and very enterprising individual. She has a very strong sense for social media and how to promote herself or anyone she is working with in the social media industry. I consider Carol Lawrence to be an individual with integrity and discipline. I recommend her without hesitation for a social media position.  Grace Hodgin, Owner, Blessed Elements


Carol is a Professional who is excellent at marketing and promoting her company as well as others. She is personable, consistent, dependable and very creative. She works well with people as well as independently. She would be a definite asset to your company. Sincerely, Carol L McKenna, M.Ed. MSW. LICSW, Any further questions do not hesitate to email me at” Carol McKenna, Mixed Media Artist, The Art Stand Gallery Worked with Carol at Intentional Conscious Parenting


A TRUE PROFESSIONAL. A wonderful human being with exceptional values and a great passion for children. Debby Carman President Faux Paw productions

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.  Debby Carman, First hired Carol as a Writer/Editor in 2009, and hired Carol more than once.


Carol Lawrence is an open-hearted, efficient and technologically savvy individual who will greatly enhance your social media experience. Her knowledge and ever-expanding virtual presence is a positive force for any aspiring author and entrepreneur. I highly recommend her services.  ~ Annie Burnside, M.Ed Soul To Soul Parenting (2011 Nautilus Silver Book Award Winner) Annie Burnside, M.Ed. Soul Nurturer


Carol is a highly astute professional with a warm, compassionate heart. She believes in bringing like-minded people together in a community of spirited Oneness. Carol’s work in the field of conscious living is admirable. She knows how to connect and communicate! She would be an asset to your career and company.  Dr. Shefali Tsabary, The Conscious Parent Transforming Ourselves Empowering Our Children. (2011 Nautilus Gold Award Winner)