In The Middle Of Puppy Bliss! A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager.


This is our handsome son Tony. Him and his girlfriend Ashley recently got a new puppy. His name is Roland. If you are a Stephen King fan you know where the name comes from. Roland is a sweetheart! He’s a papered Pit Bull. Randy and I are having loads of fun with him. He’s our new grand-puppy. For now we’ll settle for no grand kids. What’s especially nice for Tony and Ashley is all of Roland’s siblings were acquired by their friends. They’ve all been waiting for the right time to add a puppy to their lives. All the puppies will get to grow up together. 

Roland and Ares(Roland and his brother Ares)

Life has been great around the Lawrence homestead. We are busy with clients and working on some new adventures we can’t wait to tell you about. For now we have to keep them on the QT, but before long we’ll be sharing the big news. I think you all will be in for a big shock with where we are headed next. Stay tuned for more details.

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