Interesting Facts About Pinterest


                “Pinterest is 2012’s hottest website” ~ CNN Pinterest is driving more traffic than Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest is driving more traffic back to websites than Twitter. It is extremely viral. … Read More

Interview With Energetics Expert Elaine Seiler


Humanity is undergoing a new phase of evolution as significant as when humankind emerged from the primordial ooze and walked on land. With her new book, Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution, Elaine Seiler is at the forefront of explaining this “energetic evolution.” … Read More

Social Media Managers~How I Began My Career.


How I Became A Social Media Manager. People are always asking me how I began my career as a social media manager. Here’s my story. It’s a little long but worth reading if you are seriously thinking about a career … Read More

Pinterest For Profit? 5 Easy steps for making money with Pinterest.


Pinterest For Profit? Pinterest  And Affiliate Marketing 5 Easy steps to take to make some extra money with Pinterest. Step 1 ~ Request an invite to join Pinterest Step 2 ~ When your invitation arrives in the mail. Create a … Read More

Elias Shams from shares the keys to living a cancer free life.


You might be asking yourself. Ok Carol what does this have to do with social media? Well here’s my answer. For one I’m a social media manager with a conscience. I have a strong desire to share and discover the … Read More

Radio Shows For Authors & Holistic Practitioners


One of the ways you can help your potential audience learn more about you and your book is to be a guest on several radio shows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve compiled a short list of radio shows that feature authors or offer … Read More

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Rent To Own Website Services
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I personally don’t build websites for my clients. I however have the best referral for you. Web Designs Your Way, ran by Chad and Evelyn Wheeler are absolutely amazing to work with.  ... Read More

5 SEO Trends to Know About in 2019
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Search engine optimization is constantly changing and it’s important for companies to keep up with the changes. This is especially true seeing as how around 93% of online experiences start with a search... Read More