Create Your Own Low-Content Books Or Journals


Low-content books are a hot commodity and they are fun to make.

What exactly are they? 

  • Coloring books
  • Activity books
  • Journals
  • Trackers
  • Planners
  • Workbooks
  • Puzzle books

How do you create them?

To create the inside pages of your content book you can find inspiration from PLR materials. Content PLR sellers provide that gives you the premade pages with permission to edit them, add your branding and sell them as your own.

coloring page created with Midjourney
Coloring Page Made With Midjourney


You can use Ai programs such as ChatGPT, and Jounceai for written content and Dreamai or Midjourney for coloring pages.

When I’m brainstorming my next project I like to head over to CreativeFabrica for inspiration.

I like to use a combo of content from CreativeFabrica, Ai, and PLR or create my own from scratch. Then I add my own content and personalize it for the specific journal or planner I’m creating such as My Dream Journal & Guidebook or My Garden Planner & Logbook.

Putting your journal or planner together.

You can use programs such as Word, Powerpoint, Canva.

Save your file as a PDF to upload to KDP.  If publishing on KDP you’ll need a cover with a spine and back cover. You can create your book cover on Canva or Powerpoint as well. I like to save time and utilize help from my go-to freelancer on Fiverr. I prefer to create the front of my cover, save it as a PDF then have my assistant add the back and spine. Your freelancer will need to know how many pages are in your book.

Why would you want to sell your books on Amazon?

They have a lot of customers and reach a wide audience.

Their KDP program is a print-on-demand program making it easy for you to upload your book in PDF format, add a cover, and then list your book. When you publish a book on Amazon they’ll assign an ISBN number to your book. You can only use that number on their platform so if you plan on selling your books on other publishing platforms you’ll need to purchase your ISBN numbers separately.

You could also order your printed books in bulk and sell them on your own at one of your speaking events or during a craft fair.

Lulu is another self-publishing platform and if you need help publishing be sure to check out Book Baby.

There is a learning curve to publishing your own low-content books and it can feel overwhelming but don’t despair. If this is a creative project you really are called to, initiate an online search for publishing print-on-demand books. You’ll find a reserve of teachers and instructional videos. Michelle Brubaker is one of the most knowledgeable I’ve found. She has comprehensive training courses and has published a wide variety of books.

After you upload your first book on KDP be sure to create your Amazon Author Profile and link your book to it. Your author profile will showcase your books, personalized information, and ways readers can follow you. It also provides the option to share your most recent blog posts.

Good luck on your publishing journey.


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