Klipfolio dashboards with Carol Lawrence

Have All Your Metrics Funneled Into One Metric Dashboard


Attention Busy CEOs!
Are you having to log in and track your metrics from a multitude of applications? Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack, Google Analytics, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, LinkedIn Pages, LinkedIn Ads, Shopify, Quickbooks, …… Save your time and sanity by having an executive dashboard built just for your business!

As an OBM, Online Business Manager I’ve added a new feature to my suite of services…..

Executive Dashboards.

When I build out your Klipfolio executive dashboard I’ll help you:

✨ Gain clarity for you and your team by focusing on your key KPIs

✨ Track numbers, revenue, money leaks, time leaks, and more.

✨ Tie in your newsletters, launches, ad spends, Hubspot, Active Campaign, spreadsheets, Shopify, etc…..

✨ Bring clarity to your staffing decisions immediately vs. waiting until the year’s end.

✨ Be proactive instead of reactive

When you look into your operational metrics you’re able to adjust your strategies, plan for growth, and help your team focus on the top priorities of the business instead of wasting time.

If putting all your metrics in one place, saving time, and getting your team focused has been on your goal list, reach out today to learn more about my 90-day audit and analysis package.

Carol Lawrence