My Body Knew Instinctually Something Was Wrong.


You never know when your inner guidance system (intuition) will save your life, help advert disaster, lead you to your next big creative project, or guide you to a new adventure!

You can use your intuition to guide you to your next business adventure, help avoid aligning with the wrong business partner or lean into a new collaboration.

One way to tap into your intuition is by listening to your body. I’ve had my body guide me through various experiences.

In my recently published article, That Day When a Naked Dripping Wet Man With a Broken Arm Knocked on My Front Door posted on The Good Men Project I share one of those experiences.

I share a story about the day a troubled young man showed up at our door, how my body reacted, how my husband handled it, soul-to-soul body talk, and listening to your intuition.

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Dreams do come true. I’m thriving in the mountains with my husband of 37 years and five chickens and relishing time spent with my sons and three granddaughters. I’m a best-selling co-author of Women On Purpose; 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling, co-author of my Intentional Conscious Parenting blog, and the book 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm. I’ve published numerous blogs, printed journals, and parenting printables. I have a passion for supporting the inner light of the children, helping my clients behind the scenes in their businesses, and writing on a variety of topics.