Grow Your Business With Facebook



Don’t leave your business out in the cold. Look around you. Almost every major company website you visit or television show you watch has it’s own Facebook page.

Why? Because that’s where the people are. With over 1 billion Facebook users around world, Facebook is the place to play if you are a business owner. You must go to where your customers and audience resides. There are other social media platforms but none of them have the amount of users Facebook does. Did you know that over 24% of Facebook users check their Facebook accounts five or more times per day? I know it’s crazy isn’t it! Smart phones make it so easy to stay connected.

Did you know as a business page owner you can run Facebook ads that target the audience of your biggest competitors? Did you know that over 47% of Americans say that Facebook influences their purchasing behavior? (Word of mouth means a lot and it travels fast on Facebook! Social proof is everything these days!)

Did you know buyers take businesses more seriously that are active on social media?

Did you know buyers say they trust companies more that are active on social media?

Facebook provides you a space to show off your business, grow your audience and connect with a much larger audience, run highly targeted ads and provide top notch customer service.

Carol’s Handy Facebook Checklist:

  • Create a profile page
  • Create a Fan Page (This service is provided by Social Media Help 4 U if you simply don’t have the time to create it yourself) If you have the time and technology doesn’t scare you follow my free step by step tutorial on how to set up your Facebook page.
  • Complete your Fan Page profile. Include an attractive timeline cover, completely fill in your “about” section, add photos and custom tabs. Custom tabs could include but not limited to connecting your Twitter or Pinterest pages, newsletter sign up, a tab to purchase your book, events tab, music, Youtube channel, Instagram and more. If you are curious as to what tabs might be good for your company look at Facebook pages that are similar to your niche. Pay close attention to the pages that are active and see what tabs they added.
  • Start posting updates. Regular updates are very important. There’s nothing worse than going to a companies page and seeing that is has been inactive for months. You know they don’t take their online presence seriously and worse yet, if you wanted to ask them a question about their product or service they’ll probably never respond.
  • Use the Facebook scheduler for scheduling posts for times of the day you won’t be able to hop on in person. For instance if you live in the USA but you also have clients or fans in another country set updates to post at various times to cover different time zones. I show you how to do this in my Facebook course.
  • Engage – Say hello, visit other pages and engage with your audience. If someone leaves you a comment respond. Show you genuinely care.
  • Keep your page professional. Don’t air your problems all over Facebook.
  • If you sell products consider adding your products to the ‘shop’ section on you page.
  • Use Facebook ads. A combination of consistent posting, activity, engagement, videos, live streaming and Facebook ads can grow your page rapidly.
  • Be authentic! Serve your customers with authenticity and integrity so they keep coming back for more and more!
  • Test, test, test. Hop on and share at different times until you find the best time to engage with your audience.
No time to keep up with your Facebook business page? Social Media Help 4 U offers monthly social media management.
I am happy to assist in keeping your pages active, engaged and prospering. I do however recommend you still be a part of your social presence.
Don’t wait get started today!

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