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Services Offered:

Organization – Every business owner needs their company documents organized. Carol is proficient in using Google Team Drive to organize company documents, SOP’s and more. Keep track of everything in one place. No time to organize? Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Prices vary depending on size of organization and how much help is needed in gathering materials that need organizing.

SOP’s – Do you have a thriving company but need someone to sit down (virtually) with the manager in each department to map out all the roles in your company? Having a record of your Standing Operational Procedures is great for training new employees. It is a useful business tool to communicate the correct way of carrying out specific activities within your organization. This is a great way to communicate the process changes to employees.

Branding – Page creation and set up for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing – Struggling to get known? Schedule a consultation to learn a multitude of ways to get your products seen.

Social Media Scheduling: Do you already have great micro content you could be sharing on social? (Videos, pics, testimonials, product info, personal stories) but you have no time to schedule it and spread it out amongst all the social media platforms? I can assist with scheduling. All content preprepped by you.

Customer Service Set Up Consulting – Ready to build your customer service team? Guided service on setting up a live chat, finding the right team members to host your live chat and how to rock at building a top notch customer service team. People don’t want to be just another visitor shopping for your products. They want to know they matter and you are truly there to assist them in making the best decision for them.

CBD Industry Services – Are you a new cannabis/CBD company trying to navigate the rocky terrain? Carol has immersed herself in the cbd industry for the past three years. Along the way she has built a network of resources. What’s your biggest challenge? Reach out she may definitely be able to help you. (Legal recommendations, production, shipping, supplies, bulk supplies, customer service, CHO, organizing)


Miscellaneous Services: Don’t see what you are looking for? You might be surprised how well connected I am. If it’s not something I can do, I most likely know someone who can assist you. It doesn’t hurt to ask.