February Shakedown

February ShakeDown. Becoming a Best Selling Author, A New Planner And Coronavirus


Hi there, thanks for being a valued reader of my blog.

I’ve decided to try something different. Once a month I’m going to do a monthly shakedown of some of my favorite highlights of the month. These could be articles written by myself, guest authors or they could be completely unrelated and just be something I felt it was important to share. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t just lurk, be a sweetie and leave a comment!


ShakeDown Number #1. I became a Best Selling Author this month along with twelve other women. I’m super excited to achieve this goal. It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time.

Women on Purpose: 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling.

Have you gone through periods in your life where everyone else seemed to be way more aligned to their purpose than you?

Many of us feel behind on our life’s mission. Our highest calling can often feel right at our fingertips, yet slightly out of reach.
So, how exactly do you align to your purpose and live it without apology?

In Women On Purpose, 13 women share their inspiring stories and practical tips to finding and living their purpose. Each of the women have been where you are – wanting more meaning and deeper clarity of purpose, along with how to live it. You’ll discover how these women overcame their defining moments, fears, and challenges to thrive in their purpose.
And the amazing thing is? You can create this for yourself too!

Women On Purpose co-authors:
Jennifer Longmore
Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten
Carolyn McGee
Eunkyung Yang
Jami Hearn
Mari Campbell
Pragito Dove
Rhonda Hohmann
Robyn McKay, PhD
Sofia Garcia Ladera
Tay and Val


ShakeDown #2. Woah, The whole thing happening with the Coronaviruses is nuts right? It makes you stop and think, especially if you have lot’s of travel planned. I’m not jumping on the fear train but I am staying informed, keeping my immune system in top notch (bump up your self care) and listening to people’s ideas and opinions that I value. I think you’ll find Tim Ferriss’s take on it informative and worth listening too.


ShakeDown #3.

I am a huge fan of being productive. Yes, I’m like most everyone else I enjoy binging a Netflix series here and there but for the most part I’m pretty picky with how I spend my time. Time that could be spent is front of the TV is better put to use by updating my blog, writing a new chapter in my next book, working on a client project, and growing my business. So when I heard about a journal that can help motivate me and keep me on task I had to have it right away. I’m trying out Kristy Dickerson’s 90 Days Start Planner.

I might as well announce my 90 day goals to hold myself accountable.

1 – Exercise more, stretch daily and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise twice a week. My body will thank me for it.

2 – Help my clients Shine Light Life fully launch their business. We’ve all been working behind the scenes getting everything all set up. I swear by their products and really love how I feel when I take CBD regularly. If you are interested in learning more about CBD or only want the best for your body, come on over and take a look at our USDA Certified Organic hemp products. Visit Shine Light Light to learn more. Use my special code Carol10 to save 10% on all your orders.

3 – Continue spending lot’s of time with my granddaughters. They light up my world. I’m so grateful both our sons live close to us and I get to be a huge part of their lives. Family First!

4 – Book my next vacation. Hubby, my bestie and I are headed to Disneyland to let our inner childs play.


Carol C Lawrence working at the cabin

Carol Lawrence is a Best Selling Author, Conscious Parenting Blogger and A Business Owner. For the past ten years She’s been helping businesses grow their online presence, establishing communities built around transparency, trust, creating excellent customer service teams and getting their behind the scenes systems organized.