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About Carol Lawrence

Hi everyone, my name is Carol Lawrence. I am the owner of a freelancing agency in Montana, Social Media Help 4 U. For the past ten years I’ve been helping businesses grow their online presence, establish a community built around transparency, trust, creating excellent customer service teams and getting their behind the scenes systems organized. 

I am a Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur and have a huge passion for helping people realize their full potential. I help small business owners get organized, create outstanding customer service teams and rock their operations. If this is something you need help with, contact me to see if I have availability. More information is listed below. 

I’ve written an ebook called Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant, Real Opportunities For People Who Are Serious About Working From Home.  You can purchase it here.

I have also co-authored a book called 10 Ways To Parent Consciously.

You can follow my parenting journey here.

I offer a variety of services. Here’s a snippet overview. Contact me to learn more.


Services Offered:

At this time I’m only available for consulting calls surrounding the following topics. $125 per hour.

Organization – Every business owner needs their company documents organized. Carol is proficient in using Google Team Drive to organize company documents, SOP’s and more. Keep track of everything in one place.

Social Media Marketing Consulting – Struggling to get known? Schedule a consultation to learn a multitude of ways to get your products seen. I highly recommend that you embrace becoming more visible and spend time on social media yourself building an audience and making connections. The more people get to know you, the more you increase the like, know and trust factor. When they can see your authenticity and buy into you, they will then be more interested in what you are selling. If you are fairly new or never have embraced social media and you need someone to have patience, guide you and offer you weekly or monthly consulting and guidance, we need to talk. I can help you create a game plan and gently hold you accountable for getting started on social.

Social Media Scheduling: Do you already have great micro content you could be sharing on social? (Videos, pics, testimonials, product info, personal stories) but you have no time to schedule it and spread it out amongst all the social media platforms? I can refer you to qualified people to assist with scheduling. All content provided by you.

Customer Service Set Up Consulting – Ready to build your customer service team? Guided service on setting up a live chat, finding the right team members to host your live chat and how to rock at building a top notch customer service team. People don’t want to be just another visitor shopping for your products. They want to know they matter and you are truly there to assist them in making the best decision for them. Set up a call to discover what has worked for myself and my clients. We have taken a new approach to customer service.

CBD Industry Services – Are you a new cannabis/CBD company trying to navigate the rocky terrain? I have immersed myself in the CBD industry for the past three and half years. Along the way I have built a network of resources.  Reach out! I may definitely be able to help you. (Legal recommendations, production, shipping, supplies, bulk supplies, organizing, bulk raw hemp flower, bio mass, full spectrum and more!)

Miscellaneous Services: Don’t see what you are looking for? You might be surprised how well connected I am. If it’s not something I can do, I most likely know someone who can assist you. It doesn’t hurt to ask.


The guest posts on this blog are written by well versed writers in their fields. Articles on this website are primarily about small business, social media and entrepreneurship with a variety of subjects added in between. Sponsored posts are available. $50 per post or 5 for $200. Quality articles without spam required. Contact Carol to see if your paid article is a great fit.


Thanks for visiting my website. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you stopping by.

Contact me directly today to schedule a consulting call. 


“Carol blows my mind every day!  She is absolutely incredible at what she does, and if you want someone who is actually going to care about you and the sacred tribe that you have built with your heart and soul, she is your go-to gal!  She captured my voice instantly, made an effort to familiarize herself with my message, to get to know me as a person and to serve my community on my behalf.  She sends me updates regularly and always has her eyes open for opportunities because she genuinely wants my message to reach more people!  I’ve worked with other social media specialists in the past, and Carol is by far THE best – plus I adore her as a person!!!  I whole-heartedly recommend Carol and feel that it would not be better served by anyone else!” ~ Jennifer Longmore – Soul Journeys

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