About Carol Lawrence

Hi everyone, my name is Carol Lawrence. I am the owner of a social media management and marketing agency in Montana, Social Media Help 4 U. For the past ten years I’ve spent helping businesses grow their online presence and establish a community built around transparency and trust. 

I am an author and entrepreneur and have a huge passion for helping people realize their full potential, especially regarding making healthy choices. 

I’ve written an ebook called Working From Home As A Virtual Assistant, Real Opportunities For People Who Are Serious About Working From Home.  You can purchase it here. I have an upcoming conscious parenting and children’s book series coming out soon. You can follow my journey here.

These days I’m not offering social media management anymore. A wonderful company called Sunshine Marketplace, A Health and Wellness Company has snatched me up as their full time Director Of Customer Relations.

I do still blog, write and offer guest paid blogging spots on my Social Media Help 4 U blog. If you are interested in paying for being featured on this website please email me directly at

If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of cbd, interested in buying wholesale or bulk email me directly at

The guest posts on this blog are written by well versed writers in their fields. Articles on this website are primarily about small business, social media and entrepreneurship with a variety of subjects added in between. Thanks for visiting my website. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate you stopping by.

“Carol blows my mind every day!  She is absolutely incredible at what she does, and if you want someone who is actually going to care about you and the sacred tribe that you have built with your heart and soul, she is your go-to gal!  She captured my voice instantly, made an effort to familiarize herself with my message, to get to know me as a person and to serve my community on my behalf.  She sends me updates regularly and always has her eyes open for opportunities because she genuinely wants my message to reach more people!  I’ve worked with other social media specialists in the past, and Carol is by far THE best – plus I adore her as a person!!!  I whole-heartedly recommend Carol and feel that it would not be better served by anyone else!” ~ Jennifer Longmore – Soul Journeys