Women on purpose 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling

I Co-Authored A Book With Twelve Other Women.


I am truly honored to be part of such a wonderful book collaboration with so many inspirational women! Being able to share our stories has been enriching and a little scary. We are vulnerable and share things we haven’t shared very often. Enjoy the read and be sure to leave your review on Amazon! Thanks for the support.

Have you gone through periods in your life where everyone else seemed to be way more aligned to their purpose than you?

Many of us feel behind on our life’s mission. Our highest calling can often feel right at our fingertips, yet slightly out of reach.

So, how exactly do you align to your purpose and live it without apology?

In the Best Selling book Women on Purpose: 13 Women Share Their Journey To Living Their Highest Calling, 13 women share their inspiring stories and practical tips to finding and living their purpose. Each of the women have been where you are – wanting more meaning and deeper clarity of purpose, along with how to live it. You’ll discover how these women overcame their defining moments, fears, and challenges to thrive in their purpose.

And the amazing thing is? You can create this for yourself too!

Women On Purpose co-authors:
Jennifer Longmore – souljourneys.ca
Carol Lawrence & Stacy Toten – intentionalconsciousparenting.com
Carolyn McGee – carolynmcgee.com
Eunkyung Yang – hopebraincenter.com
Jami Hearn – jamihearn.com
Mari Campbell – maricampbell.com
Pragito Dove – discovermeditation.com
Rhonda Hohmann – thesoulknows.net
Robyn McKay, PhD – robynmckay.com
Sofia Garcia Ladera – sofiagarcialadera.com
Tay and Val – m-meditation.com/

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