11 Tips For Building An Informative Author Media Page

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Having a complete author media page is essential to book promotion. When potential PR representatives visit your site to check out your new book you want to make it real easy for them to access information to write up a story about you. The same thing for bloggers who may be reviewing your book who need more content information. Having your new books information all in one spot will make your life easier. You can direct people directly to this page. When you send out press releases, write a blog post or send out a newsletter about your brand new book you can include information and a link to your new media page. 

  1. Add a downloadable picture of your book cover or covers.
  2. Include a few photos of yourself and a complete bio.
  3. Have on hand excerpts for easy access for press and promoters to use.
  4. Premade articles and press releases.
  5. New book and product information.
  6. Testimonials and reviews. If you don’t have any yet, that’s ok. Be sure to add them as soon as they start rolling in.
  7. Deliver your content in PDF and text format so search engines can spider it.
  8. Populate your page with lot’s of links. Showcase how awesome your new book is and all the activity surrounding it. If you have an event section or page, keep it updated. If an event has passed but you have a link to where you appeared,  this could still go on your page (Include a photo of you at the event.) You could provide a list of all your book signings past and present.
  9. Add pre-created tweets with shortened links using bit.ly that lead back to your book page. These tweets can be used by media and bloggers promoting your book.
  10.  Add pre-created Facebook posts with a snippet about your book and a link to your book page.
  11. Put pricing, links to purchase your book and anything else you can think of in one easy to access location. Don’t send your potential PR reps on a wild goose chase. 
Examples of author media pages.
Elaine Seiler author of Multi-Dimensional You Exploring Energetic Evolution has a comprehensive media page. Hint… If you don’t have time to build your own media page hire a publicist. Elaine’s publicist information is located at the bottom of her media page.
Annie Burnside has a media page for her book Soul To Soul Parenting that is loaded with usable links. Not only does this establish herself and an author and an expert in her field but it creates excellent SEO for her website.

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