100 Tips For Marketing Your Book


100 Tips For Marketing Your Book And Growing Your Business.

Simple, to the point, practical ideas!

You had fun writing your book but now you have to focus your attention on marketing your book. Hopefully someone told you during your writing process that you needed to be building your author platform sooner than later.

“I don’t buy books I buy platforms” ~ Reid Tracy CEO of HayHouse Publishing.

Your author platform consists of all your social media sites, your website, your newsletter list, your podcast, etc. If you go the traditional publishing route the publishing company will want to know the combined numbers of the followers from all your platforms. If you haven’t began building your platform it’s never too late to get started.

Over the past 9 years working with different authors I’ve compiled a lot of great information. Some of it has been turned into blog posts and articles right here on my blog. Over the years I kept track and created a simple check list for authors to market their books. Here is my first 100 tips. For a teaser I’ve added ten tips that are included in my guide. One gives you tips for getting your first reviews on Kindle. The second one shows you how to create your Amazon author profile. 

I recommend purchasing my guide: 100 For Marketing Your Book, printing it out and highlighting the ideas that really resonate with you. Mark them off as you do each one. Create a list of things you can do now as a soft launch then revisit some of them again when you get into your full launch, such as being a guest on x number of podcasts and blog talk radio shows. Congratulations on writing your book! 

  1. Create a plan before your book comes out.
  2. Contact magazines early. Begin promoting before you publish your book.
  3. Gain a positive attitude towards marketing. Be authentic!
  4. Create a hook for the media surrounding your book.
  5. Reach out to your connections.
  6. Look into virtual book tours. There are people you can hire to put these together for you.
  7. For a percentage have speakers and trainers promote your book.
  8. Learn about live streaming. Live streaming helps you promote your book to the world, not just your immediate audience.
  9. Create a full Amazon author profile.
  10. Join niche related Facebook groups that your target audience engages in. Build relationships now, getting them excited for the release of your book.