Be safe for following mistakes which happen in Article Marketing


5 Mistakes Writers Make In Article Marketing

By Guest blogger Brianne Walter

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It is considered as the oldest search marketing strategies, but while adopting the article marketing method, many people overlook many things in it. The article marketing can be still called as the most effective way of making yourself visible over different search engine results. Also, it helps in building authority, bringing targeted traffic to your site, and expanding your email lists. In order to reap the maximum amounts of benefits, you are supposed to avoid a number of common mistakes committed during article marketing campaign. You simply have to be safe for following the mistakes that occurs in article marketing as discussed below.

Mistake one- Boring titles and description

After reading your titles if it fails to appeal you or any other person then consider calling them as boring titles. The titles are meant to grab attention of readers (like the way you find in magazines and newspapers) and compel them to read the content then and there. Similarly, having a boring description too could be called as mistake in article marketing. The article description can be called as sub headlines or gives the fair idea about your article. Writing interesting description is considered as an important aspect of article marketing; hence you need to avoid writing boring descriptions along with writing dull titles.

Mistake two- Too long or short article length

The article marketing strategy becomes powerful when you publish original and fresh content on a regular basis. If someone on the web publishes your content or uses it in some mass email, the exposure for your article simply multiplies. There are many people who submit 100 words based articles over different article directories, at the same time you could get to see people writing more than 2000 words articles. The too long or too short articles are considered as a gross mistake in article marketing strategy. It is recommended to publish 400 to 900 based articles as the said length range could easily explain any topic without any hassle.

Mistake three – Avoiding the keyword rich anchor text use

The basic reason to use article marketing is to generate backlinks for your site. In order to reap the maximum amount of benefits of this, you are supposed to use keyword rich anchor text in the links of your articles. There are many people who avoid using the keyword rich anchor text; this simply hampers their targeted page relevance for the chosen keywords found in the anchor text, which keeps your site away from getting quality traffic. You are supposed to link properly as per the given linking guidelines of the directory.

Mistake four – Misusing the author resource box

The author resource boxes are meant for the call to action for your readers, which also builds up your credibility in the market. These spaces are known as boilerplate, which gives you the opportunity to sell yourself. But most of the online marketers tend to commit a mistake by misusing this space with overt advertising rather than keeping their article for informing and teaching.

Mistake five- Submitting your website content as articles

One of the worst kinds of mistakes seen in article marketing is that people start extracting their sites’ content and submit over different article submission directories. If you start doing this, the search engines will consider this content as duplicate which could bring down your rankings. Besides, even your readers would find the content boring as they could see the same text over your site. In order to avoid this mistake make sure you use unique content for your article marketing strategy.

Final word

Article marketing is among the profitable and effective strategies for getting targeted traffic towards your site. But if you carry out this strategy with these mistakes, you would end up doing the harm rather reaping the benefits from it. So, better avoid these mistakes to yield good results.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She also works with fedex ship golf clubs.