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There are certain people I follow that are my mentors. People I look to for wisdom and ideas. I love the entrepreneurial mindset. Free thinking people who just go for it and create their dreams. They don’t let the collective conscious or society dictate how their lives are going to be.

Here’s some of the people I pay attention to when it comes to learning about social media, becoming an entrepreneur and over all great business advice.

1. Richard Branson ~ I love this guy. I dream of sitting down and having a conversation with him and his wife. They are two people with hearts of gold that are changing how the world works while making a difference. Recently Richard Branson wrote an article, Richard Branson on measuring the success of 2011.

“Our society’s social, environmental and financial problems remain challenging and it looks like next year will be a tough one on many fronts. We will need to look for bold solutions, because change means opportunity. Whether you can effect small changes at the local level or try to push for sweeping cultural shifts in your industry or sector, 2012 – now – is the time to make a difference.” ~ Richard Branson

2. Kristin and David Morelli ~ This couple inspires me. They are so forward in their thinking, open and honest with their goals and intentions and they are willing to help others achieve their dreams. I really appreciate their guided meditations and have thoroughly enjoyed their tapping series with Carol Look during the last week in December. It was just what I needed to jump start the new year.

3. Sandi Krakowski went from being sick, broke and overweight to becoming a very healthy happy women, employing her family through her very successful entrepreneurial business. She is a huge inspiration to many people especially women.

“Your marketing is depending on your mindset. Your mindset works hand in hand with your marketing. Your blog mirrors the writer and it speaks to the reader, right where they are at. That is marketing 101 my friends!” ~ Sandi Krakowski

4. Mari Smith  not only keeps you up to date on great social media information, she speaks from the heart. I really resonate with her. She has an abundance of resources available on her website.

Here is just one reason why I adore Mari Smith.

“I enjoy working with people who are conscious, heart-centered and concerned about making a difference on the planet… not just making a dollar.” ~ Mari Smith

These are just a few of my favorites.

Who inspires you?

~ Carol Lawrence

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