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For many authors social media can be a daunting task and somewhat overwhelming. Before your frustrations and fears scare you away from social media let’s explore the benefits to applying some of the new promotional techniques that many authors are using to promote their books.


Some traditional publishing ways still work but with the ever-changing online world you have to get creative. The publishing world is changing at a very fast pace.


Traditional Publishing


  • Advances
  • Limited number of chances to become published.
  • Book tours for those who can afford it.
  • Book signings
  • Varied TV-magazine publicity
  • Exposure on publishers website

Today’s Publishing


  • Multiple publishing options. Self published authors are popping up all over the place thanks to Createspace, Book Baby, Smashwords and other self-publishing companies.
  • Virtual Book Tours
  • Online Book Reviews
  • Amazon Book Reviews
  • Author Interviews (Written, podcasts, video)
  • Online live author interactive chats
  • Landing pages for each book
  • Author blog/website with info about the author, services, books and links to all the authors social media sites.
  • Author bonuses linked to other author book promotions.

Now that you’ve decided to write a book, how do you find and keep your audience?

Begin by building your online presence. Diversify your reach.

Social media allows you to develop long-term relationships with your potential customer base. (Your readers)

By keeping your readers interested in your writing, staying connected to you they will anticipate your next book.

Building your audience

Start with creating a writers platform.

  • Blog/website
  • Landing page for your book
  • Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkeIn, Blogfrog, Youtube, Etc.) At first pick one or two. Master them then expand your online presence. The more diversified you are the larger your reach.
  • Newsletter ~ Build your subscriber list and provide a weekly or monthly newsletter to your customers/clients to keep them up to date with your writing, book signings and more. Be sure to share tips on writing or feature information that they will enjoy reading every time your newsletter comes out. You can also connect your newsletter right to your website and Facebook Fan Page.
Keeping Your Audience


  • Share short stories
  • Engage with your audience on your blog and social media websites.
  • Update your audience on your book related projects and activities.
  • Offer tips and guidance related to your niche. If you write about parenting include parenting tips. If you write about cooking, share some recipes and chef tips.
  • Stay active online. You will quickly fade into the distance if you fail to stay active. The online world is fast and immediate. The ones who get the attention are always front and center.
How do you keep your audience?


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