What social media skills you should have for blogging


What social media skills you should have for blogging By Guest Blogger Lina Ryann

Blogging is the most trending cyber tool which anyone can access easily. Great platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Type pad and many more help bloggers to create their blogs easily without worrying about coding or too much web designing. But the marketing part is the biggest barrier for bloggers. So, only with effective Internet marketing skills, your blog will survive the hefty blogging competition.

Like blogging, social networks are also an effective tool for communication. It is a great platform to share content, interact with other people and set up a network or community. Social networking has become an essential part of our lifestyle. Different companies are trying out their own techniques to get the best share of the social media exposure. Blogging and social media are the two keys to promote your blog. Below are some essential social media skills you need to have to promote your blog.

Get on more social networks

To reap the benefits of social media you have to get on great platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you’re a site which generates videos, you need to add YouTube to your list. The more social exposure you have the more audience you can reach. It is required to set up a separate Facebook page for your blog to gain as much followers as possible through Facebook.

Use link shorteners

In twitter, you have to tweet your post with different inspiring messages each time. To do this, Twitter offers URL shortening tools such as bit.ly and others that will help you to shorten your blog post URL. By using such tools you can also find out how many users clicked and at what time. With this metrics, you can try out different methods to tease your post and different times to post it.

Use high quality Keywords and Backlinks

In the past, there were no standard rules set on creating a website. Keywords can be included in any manner in the website. But now it’s not so. Google has stopped indexing websites that are of poor quality and overstuffed with keywords. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make your post keyword rich, it just means that you should allow them to flow naturally into your content. Look for high quality, less competitive and long-tailed keywords to position your site high in search results. When it comes to backlinks submit your sites on reputed business directories. The Google algorithm appreciates backlinks and this will certainly influence your website for better rankings. As people read and share your blogs, you are likely to generate backlinks naturally.  

Tweet other people’s content

You should learn to share interesting and valuable posts from other people’s blogs with your social circles. This is the trick of networking. By re-tweeting, sharing or re-pinning other people’s post, you are also presenting your own wall or profile to your social circles which will have a greater possibility of reaching your blog.  

Twitter sharing other people’s content makes your followers feel that you are not only concerned about your own product or website but encourage discussion and friendship too. Just look at the way how normal people use social networking. You will be surprised to see how they share interesting content of others websites. Hence, as a blogger you should also do the same thing in social media sites.

Design a mobile version for your blog

If you have a great blog with images and videos attached to it then you should consider creating a mobile version of your blog. This is because today more and more people are accessing social networks using mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile version for your blog, then you won’t be gaining more traffic. Your heavy blog cannot be accessed from mobile devices and you’ll be losing audience at this point.

Use a responsive theme for designing your website so that it offers comfortable viewing on different mobile or tablet devices. Also, this motivates visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

Video marketing

YouTube is a valuable resource for bloggers to pick up a lot of viewership. Just be sure to add relevant URLs of your blog post in the video description.

Ask for feedback

Encourage followers to participate in the conversation. Respond to their feedback regularly. This makes them feel that you care for their participation.

Install share buttons

Make sure to add social media share buttons at the bottom of your page. Thus your readers can easily share your content on their own social media profiles, giving your site a great exposure. Each blogging platform uses their own way of adding such plugins. Hence, it is important for you to install social media plugins or buttons in your blog.

Now that you have an idea of what skills are essential to promote your blog: get to it and start implementing these ideas.


About The Author: Lina is a writer blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to luxury homes pictures