No matter what your political views (not important here) the story of Sen. Wendy Davis of Texas is a fascinating testament to commitment.  She stood on the floor of the Texas Senate for over 10 hours (no leaning, no water, no potty break, no sitting) to filibuster a bill she believes moves women’s rights backwards.  She committed. She did whatever it took to get what she and many women wanted.  And of course, the press has blown up.  For her.  Against her. And everything in between.  But, here is what I find the most fascinating…

Social media blew up with how what she did was not amazing, she was wrong, and began to list all the things she must have done to “cheat”.  Like it or not what she did was fairly extraordinary and people use filibustering every day in our country as a tactic. Just not many people do it for over 10 hours.  To be that ambitious…well, you must be doing something bad or wrong.

Years ago, as a kid, I walked into an office with my Dad and read this sign on the wall:

“The easiest way to be disliked is to become wildly successful by doing what you love”

If you are wildly successful or you intend to be wildly successful know you will be disliked.  I have been accused of everything you can imagine.  Women (in my industry) have done what I have done- built a multi million-dollar business and made the Inc. 500 list. Not many have done it in just a few years.

I have learned that quickness is threatening.  People will allow you success, but they usually want it on their timeline.

So I often hear:

1) She’s just too aggressive.

2) She steals clients

3) If I put 1000 people in my event-people will say it was really only 750

4) It won’t last.

I could go on and on.  You get the idea.

So, you will be disliked (maybe even lied about) if you decide to be wildly successful…  Here are my tips to get on and get through!

1) Know who you are.  Only YOU will know who you are and everyone else will TRY to tell you…. only you know the truth.

2) Embrace the nasty.  I have started to realize that if nasty things are swirling about you then you must have really done something big.  You got people a little rattled and paying attention.

3) Take the attention.  I love the poster I saw on Facebook that says, “Be so extraordinary that they can’t ignore you!”  Need I say more?  Keep being extraordinary over and over and over.  People will notice.

4) Give.  When you give you teach. When you give you won’t notice what others say.  When you give you get and you learn.

5) Let people in.  Let people get to know you.  I have found over the last few years that people that talk about you or around you probably don’t know you.  Yes, I am aggressive and a little harsh and I cuss like a sailor.  I am also sensitive, caring, and generous.  BUT, to know all that you have to let people in, and for you to learn about people and know people you have to reach out, too.  Jump in and let people in.

Success can be amazing and it can be scary…. It’s lonely at the top, is not just a cliché- it’s true.  But it’s also one hell of a view.  Don’t miss it.



About the Author: Suzanne Evans owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC, is the tell-it-like-it-is, no fluff boss of business building. She supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs. Having surpassed the seven figure mark herself in just over three years, she’s coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding 8 million dollars. In 2011, she launched her Global Impact Project, a not for profit serving women worldwide in education, entrepreneurship, and equality. More About Suzanne