There’s A New Addiction. The Need For Instant Gratification!



Build Your Brand – Expand Your Reach – Engage With Your Audience – Be Authentic – Gain Customers Trust – Then Share Your Product.

In today’s fast paced world people want results and they want them quickly. There’s not much patience anymore. There’s a new addiction. The need for instant gratification!

When it comes to growing your business, especially an online only business your going to have to pace yourself and prepare for the long haul. Success marketing is all over the internet. “Look at my new car!” “See me vacationing in Hawaii.” “Look at all the cash I made this month.” There is tremendous success taking place right now. Heck, I’m having success in my own business. I celebrate those have found a way to make it all work, but for those struggling or just getting started there are a few things I encourage you to think about.

You will need to build up your brand. Set it all up and put everything in place first. Your website with logo, Facebook page, Twitter page. etc. Put together your social profiles. Have your website technician add social follow buttons to your website so your new website visitors, clients and customers can easily follow you on social media. Be sure to have sharing buttons added as well so people can easily share your content with their friends on social media.

Then begin expanding your reach. There are multiple ways to do this but a few ideas are to blog, write guest articles for other bloggers, podcasts, multi-casting and social media. Take social media seriously and share daily. When ever you write a new blog post share it on Facebook, tweet about it. If it has photos pin it or share a photo about it on Instagram. Examine the age group of your niche and go where they gather. For instance the younger generation loves Instagram. The professional world gathers on LinkedIn.

You’ve worked so hard setting up your website, profiles and creating content now you need to engage, engage, engage.  Engage with your audience. Ask questions, participate in their conversations.  Be authentic before you even consider selling a service or product. Let you audience get to know you. Share more of the personal side of yourself. I’m not suggesting share your woes and complaints – you don’t want to attract a pity party. I’m saying share what you have been up to, your favorite restaurant to eat at, what your cooking for dinner. Planning a vacation? Ask for some recommendations for hotels or rentals. Share bits and pieces of your vacation while you are on it. Use story telling to connect on another level. Keep in mind people can see through you and know if you are being authentic or not. Be being real and opening up people begin to feel a connection to you. They begin to trust you. And why shouldn’t they, you have their best interests at heart. Now that you’ve established a relationship with your fans share your products and services.











Social Media Help 4 U is a virtual based business that supports authors and businesses based on integrity. Social Media Help 4 U offers conscious based business services, providing intuitive and skill based social media management, product reviews & consulting. Carol and her team manage social media accounts. They assist their clients in building their online presence, engagement and connections with like minded people, customers and clients. They are fully aware that their clients online reputation is at stake. With the values of integrity, honesty and dependability being their top priority.