Social Media Tips for Home Remodeling Companies


Social media helps home remodeling companies reach consumers and businesses. It will help you increase your customer base and increase brand awareness. Below we discuss some tips on how to use social media more effectively for your home remodeling business.

Create Social Media Accounts On Platforms Your Target Audience Uses

You will want to target your marketing to the audience you are trying to reach. Pinterest is a visual platform that many women and men use. A home improvement company will want to reach men, women, and seniors that want to remodel, add on, or build a home. Facebook is a very popular social media platform that reaches a very broad audience from young professionals to seniors. Business professionals use LinkedIn to connect with others in their industry, and many consumers use Twitter and YouTube as well.

Instagram and Pinterest are good for the home improvement industry because they show photos, and this is a visual industry. Facebook and Twitter can generate content and comments on your business. On YouTube, you can make videos of some of your remodeling projects or customer reviews. Use a consistent name to identify all your social media platforms. A simple name that identifies what you do is the best option. You should research social media platforms to find the best ones for your business and audience.

Share Money-Saving Tips and Tricks

Start a blog on Facebook or your website about how to save money remodeling your home, as you will find that customers want to save money in these types of projects. In 2016, homeowners paid $88 billion in assessments to community associations. So, connect with your client base by discussing how investing in your own home project is just as important as investing your money in community endeavors! A remodeling company that saves customers money will ring in sales.

Customers that order custom cabinets will pay about 60-80% more. You could write a blog about ordering stock cabinets for kitchen remodeling and engineered wood flooring that is less expensive than real wood. Offer discounts on supplies used by other customers that are leftover. You might want to use recycled products for customers looking for bargains. Post articles, tips, and photos on how to save money for your customers looking to save cash while undergoing a remodel.

Dedicate At Least a Few Hours a Week to Social Media

Blog about projects you are working on with photos on the social media that you use. Try to post a few times a week to give you advertising and marketing exposure. Include testimonials on your website or social media channels about the great work you do. You can create a YouTube Channel that shows customers tips and suggestions on remodeling. Perhaps you can advertise a free estimate for remodeling jobs with suggestions on how to cut costs.

Advocate for Green Construction Practices

Encourage your customers to refresh rooms in their homes and to start small. You can write about stock cabinets, new toilets for the bathroom and sink, new Energy Star appliances, reclaimed wood, and stone. Your company can suggest ways to reduce water and electricity use with energy-saving faucets, appliances, and bathroom fixtures. This is the goal of green construction practices.

Natural gas is one of the most heavily consumed energy sources in the United States. Find a way for your customer to save money using other energy sources. Advertise your green construction practices on social media. Look for green contractors to work with on home renovation projects. Many consumers want green or eco-friendly materials used.

Emphasize How the Customer’s Needs Come First

Feature one of your construction projects to show customers what you can do. Answer customer questions on social media about home renovation. Show before and after projects with your customer’s comments. Tell them about some of your community involvement or volunteer activities. You should have customer service reps answer questions on the phone and, in emergencies, provide a solution to a problem. Design surveys to find out what customers need and want. Offer discounts and ways to save money on remodeling jobs.

For example, over four million young people in the United State wear braces or retainers. So, when it comes to remodeling for family homes, you must help families choose designs that fit their particular needs. Do they want to enhance the size of their kids’ bathroom to accommodate all of their toiletries, towels, makeup, and hair accessories? Talk to parents before they undergo a remodel to ensure the customer’s needs come first, and make sure your social media accounts reflect this important aspect of your business.

Interact With Customers As Much As Possible

Use your social media platforms to give your customers excellent customer service. Develop a question and answer section on one of your social media platforms. Try to respond to questions and customer problems in an hour or two. When someone posts a critical comment, try to resolve the problem quickly. You want to ensure your brand is the best it can be!

These are some social media tips to help you improve your home remodeling business. By ensuring your social media accounts are always up-to-date, helpful, and an advocate for green practices and customer satisfaction, your home remodeling business should flourish.

Devin is a writer and an avid reader. When she isn’t lost in a book or writing, she’s busy in the kitchen trying to perfect her slow cooker recipes. You can find her poetry published in The Adirondack Review and Cartridge Lit.