5 Benefits To Bringing More Calm Back Into Your Life And Business Using Guided Meditations


After the past few years of chaos, lockdown, having to shut down or limit business, and being bombarded with fear, people are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, and traumatized.

Busy business owners know that when they can slow down, bring stability, and calm back into their routine, their productivity increases.

There are multiple benefits to listening to guided meditations. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, meditating can bring calm back into your life.

5 Benefits To Bringing More Calm Back Into Your Life And Business Using Guided Meditations

1. Stressed Out And Impatient? – Being under stress can cause a short temperament and lack of understanding. Regaining inner peace can help with having more compassion and patience with your customers.

2. Clarity – A calm mind can help you process and think more clearly. When making day-to-day business decisions you need clarity.

3. Getting Grounded – Guided meditations can help bring you back to your center. When you are feeling more grounded, your creative ideas can begin to flow again.

4. Intuition – When you feel more calm and balanced, your confidence grows too. Guided meditations can help you tap into your inner courage and inner guidance system so you are able to rely on your intuition more while making important business decisions.

5. Prioritize You! – Self-care is important. When you are under added stress you need even more self-care. Sometimes self-care comes in a variety of ways. It’s not always about a vacation or lavish trip to the spa. Sometimes it’s simply about making time to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a book you’ve been longing to read or maybe it’s finding a sitter for a few hours so you can go grab a cup of coffee with a friend.

To help you prioritize your self-care, I’ve created a self-care checklist to give you an abundance of ideas on how to treat yourself.

Guided meditations take the guesswork out of what to meditate on, what music to choose, or what affirmations you want to fill your subconscious mind with.

Premade guided meditations make it super simple. You simply pick a meditation you are interested in, download it and listen. Some meditations are meant to be listened to before bed, some while doing the dishes, walking or some just sitting in a relaxed state. No matter which one’s you choose please make sure they feel right for you.


Carol Lawrence Is A Best Selling Author, Small Business Owner, And Conscious Parenting Mentor.

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