Let’s get naked together-in our marketing endeavors that is!



I want to share with you a powerful new marketing guide from Danny Iny. I invite you to get naked with me (not literally ) and learn how to take your business to the next level!

I highly recommend taking the time to read it a few times until you absorb the marketing message.

Naked Marketing will teach you how marketing really works, without the frills, and will show you how to make your marketing better.


Here is a “Bonus Video” from Danny.

Who can develop a marketing plan for a new eBook?

Trudy from Food Talk is an Australian author who has just had one of her nutrition books converted into a digital format. She wants to know where to look for resources on people who can help develop a marketing plan for the book that won’t require much intense, long term work on her part.

What did you think about Danny’s advice? Agree or disagree?

I wanted to let you know i’m working on a brand new ebook compiling all the major marketing tips i’ve been learning over the past three years. There’s so much great information but it’s spread out all over the blogosphere. I’m compiling it into one simple location to make it easier for you to market your books. Stay tuned for more information.