Need a simple way to keep track of your website statistics while on the go?


Need another way to keep track of your social sites traffic, growth and statistics?

Here’s a simple way! Download the Analytics App! 

“Finally you can get to all of your reports and data with Analytics App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting, or sitting on the throne, Analytics App gives you quick and easy access to your analytics data.” 


  • Quick Overview Reports for at-a-glance data
  • More Detailed Reports for deeper analysis
  • Supports Multiple Accounts, Multiple Sites, change login anytime
  • Change date range, chart granularity by Day/Week/Month
  • Ecommerce, Events and All 20 Goal Reports

Over 55 Available Reports!

Overview Reports

  • Today (Dashboard report of Today)
  • Dashboard
  • Visitors Overview
  • Traffic Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Event Tracking Overview
  • Goals Overview

Visitors Reports

  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Visitor Recency
  • Length of Visit
  • Depth of Visit
  • Browsers and OS
  • Languages

Traffic Reports

  • All Traffic Sources
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Keywords
  • Non-Paid Keywords
  • Paid Keywords
  • Adwords Campaigns
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Versions

Content Reports

  • Top Content
  • Content by Title
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Top Exit Pages

Event Tracking Reports

Once you get there, click on the appropriate link at the top of the page.

Download Analytics App for iPhone or Download Analytics App for iPad.

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