How Can Social Media Help Your Bakery Business Grow?


Utilizing social media for your bakery is an important way to promote and market your business. In this article, we will discuss search engine optimization, using Facebook and YouTube, photos and social media posts, and using content to drive your bakery business forward.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website and your social media sites has to do with using keywords that help your bakery get to the top of the search engine. Google has a way to register your website and social media pages using keywords and content to get your business noticed. Other search engines have the same programs and are often free. Google and other search engines, local advertising, and searches for businesses make it easier to attract local customers. Be sure your website and social media sites are optimized for mobile users, as many customers might search for a local bakery at work or at home.

A web design company can help you with search engine optimization for your website and social media. They can optimize your sites for mobile use and help you develop content, photos, and videos that help your business attract customers. Since 46% of searches are local, you should have your social media sites optimized for local customers.

Facebook and YouTube Videos For Your Bakery Business

Create a business page on Facebook. You can advertise your business on this site and reach many new and local customers. You can add your bakery name, location, and hours. Facebook has call to action buttons that can be added to this page. You should post interesting photos of your baked goods and what you sell. Try to create an interesting post to attract customers every week. Some sites have a shop button where they have photos of baked goods they sell. You can buy them online, but you must have a Facebook account to order these products.

You can advertise baked goods for special holidays and offer discounts. Since sales are expected to rise in retail bakeries by 5% annually, advertising your products will increase sales. Having professionals take photos and make videos of your baked goods can improve the quality of the content and attract more customers, too. You can link YouTube videos to your Facebook business page as well..

Photos on Instagram and Pinterest Create Customer Interest

Instagram is a photo-sharing app that lets your business connect with other businesses and customers. They have a cake and dessert template to put photos and captions in, and they have a baking cake Instagram stories template and food blogger template to help you develop a customer following. You may have an agency or qualified employee developing this social media content for you.

Photos of your products sell and help reach new customers. It is free and you can develop videos, too. You must download the necessary apps and create accounts to make great content to post on Instagram. It is designed for smartphones but can be viewed on laptops and computers, so keep that in mind when you’re creating content.

Pinterest is an image-sharing and social media platform where you can create a profile. You can create Pins for your product and interact with other users and businesses. Users can search for ideas on baked goods or how to use them. You can meet influencers and increase your customer base by Pinning and posting on Pinterest.

Blogs and Social Media Posts For Bakeries

Create a weekly social media posting for Facebook that advertises baked goods on promotion or for unusual holidays like National Secretary Day, National Baked Pie Day, National Oatmeal Cookie Day, or National Brownie Day. The point is to advertise and increase business. Give customers a reason to want to buy your baked goods. Offer a time-limited promotion on Facebook to create sales.

Post a simple video on how to make a decoration or candle for one of your cakes; or, add your own decorative touch. This will make customers want to buy your cakes. Create blogs that give customers valuable tips and ideas and help sell your products. Promote healthy baked goods. Some cakes have Vitamin B-12 in the mix. You may want to promote some of these types of cakes, as B-12 is important to your nervous and circulatory systems. A dry chocolate cake mix or pudding cake mix has about 8% Vitamin B-12 per serving.

These are some social media tips to market your bakery business. Many social media channels improve sales and expand your customer base for your bakery business, so get started creating a social media plan today!

Devin is a writer and an avid reader. When she isn’t lost in a book or writing, she’s busy in the kitchen trying to perfect her slow cooker recipes. You can find her poetry published in The Adirondack Review and Cartridge Lit.