How to Use Social Media to Get More Vehicle Repair Shop Customers


Your auto repair business just set up some social media accounts, and you don’t know how to start using them. However, you can use high-quality social media to connect with your customers in surprising ways. The modern, constantly connected world can provide you with free marketing you can’t get otherwise.

Here are a few ways you can draw in extra customers to your auto repair shop business.

Showcase Great Photos Displaying Your Repairs

Before and after photos provide a fascinating chance to show off your bodywork. Post them on your social media accounts (with customer permission) to show how well you work. This option helps to create an interactive environment where many customers will comment on and share your photos.

You’re likely to have quite a unique array of different things to showcase. After all, auto body damage occurs from weather, fender benders, high-speed collisions, and even personal negligence. These four primary triggers cause a broad array of issues that you can highlight with your camera.

Engage With Interested Customers

All company social media accounts have many satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Engage with both sides to make your social media site more effective. For instance, thank any customers who leave glowing reviews and let them know you’re happy they are satisfied.

Next, talk to those with poor reviews and apologize directly to them. Don’t make excuses but let them know you’re willing to fix any problems you’ve caused. That kind of customer service helps repair shops stand out and inspire more people to visit you.

Highlight Important Vehicle Facts

People look to mechanics as experts and professionals with vast knowledge, and you likely have plenty of fascinating facts that you can share. For example, you can share facts like how $60 billion in vehicle maintenance repairs does not get performed every year, causing vehicle issues for individuals across the country.

Presenting a knowledgeable business front helps to make your repair shop seem more relatable and reliable. Just as importantly, it also makes you more informative and beneficial for their use. Keep your social media site ablaze with fascinating facts to get more people to visit you.

Be Yourself on Social Media

Too many repair business firms try to be something they’re not on social media. Trying to pretend you’re hip or cool is likely just to backfire. People can read past such apparent displays. Instead, just be yourself, share exciting information, and consistently utilize your social media sources.

In this way, you can market not just your services but your personality. For example, did you know that a majority of car owners pick mechanics they trust or like? Try to be that mechanic on social media. Doing so will impress more people and connect you with a broader range of potential buyers.

Showcase Vehicles You Have on Sale

Lastly, it isn’t a bad idea to occasionally highlight vehicles you may have on sale or that you’ve seen on lots from associated repair specialists. After all, over 16,500 different franchised dealerships sold a fantastic 17.22 million vehicles in 2018 alone. So, clearly, demand for cars remains high across most of the nation.

Share pictures, discuss the value of the cars, and highlight deals of the day. Do this in a streamlined and natural fashion, not like you’re trying to get hits. Social media interaction should feel seamless, professional, and understandable to those you’re trying to reach. In this way, you can get the engagement that you want and deserve.

If you learn how to engage with your customers on social media, you’ll experience a high level of traffic. That traffic can result in people booking jobs on your site and coming back to you time and time again. You want to create a back-and-forth that engages your customers and keeps you intrigued at the same time. Not an impossible goal, thankfully, if you fully understand the steps you’re taking here.


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