Blab Replay: #EncoreChat with Carol Lawrence For Older Entrepreneurs



Blab Replay: #EncoreChat with Carol Lawrence For Older Entrepreneurs – Hosted by Judi Bonilla

Ok here’s a little story for you. I did a Blab today with aging expert Judi Bonilla. I actually did two. I jumped on Sally Hendrick’s blab about Facebook ads and Lead Pages (Thank you Sally) And I did a scheduled blab with Judi. Here’s a tip… Run any updates your computer may need ahead of time or turn them off. My computer is in the shop and i’m using my husbands computer. When the updates started I lost sound then it kicked me off completely!!! It could have been a Blab glitch but i really think it was my computer. This video is take two. To make a long story short we stuck with it as most entrepreneurs usually do and did a second video for you. I’m so glad we did.  Over all it was a lot of fun. I recommend trying Blab if you haven’t already. I do think Facebook mentions is going to be the #1 way to stream in 2016 but Blab will be hot on it’s heels. I especially love how you can have a live conversation with people instead of talking at them.

In this Blab we talk about aging, social media, writing and being an aging entrepreneur.

Vulnerable moment….Tip number two.. get over how you look. Judi and I had a conversation before our live Blab on how we both don’t like being on camera and how easy it is to pick ourselves apart. As you will see I look goofy, i’m looking at the wrong place on the screen, I keep looking at Judi instead of the camera and my headphones fall out a few times. Who cares! We had fun and we put together some great information for you. If you want to grow your business and you want people to know who you are then Blab is an excellent platform to use.

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