Attitudes are contagious! Is your’s worth catching?


The way you think and feel comes across in your writing, attitude and words. In the business world it’s especially important to exemplify your positive energy out into the world. Your clients, customers and potential followers are watching what you do. If you make them feel good, they’ll come back for more. If you are negative they’ll run away. I know sometimes life throws hard knocks at us and it’s not always easy to be positive. When you are feeling down, acknowledge why you are feeling that way and regroup. If you need to reschedule, then by all means reschedule. Life must go on. Such as a client call, speaking engagement, or an activity with your child. Give yourself a hug, ground and regroup. Here are some techniques for shifting your energy.

Watch an empowering video. 

“Roar” Burlesque Tap Dance – Katy Perry (PRISM)

“This New York performer breaks out of the entertainment norms and shows that any size woman can dance. Watch her literally peel the words “cellulite” and “fat” off her body to a standing ovation of hundreds of people.”

Watch a video that restores your faith in humanity: Divers save Dolphin.

Listen to something that uplifts your spirit such as Hay House Radio.

Take Hay House Radio with you! Download this FREE app today!

Learn about getting into the Vortex.

Pet an animal. This is my Marvelous Marv.

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Laugh! Hold a smile and dance around the house! But most of all count your blessings. Being grateful for what is going right in our lives brings more abundance and joy!

Thanks for reading my blog. Leave a comment and tell me how you shift from a bad mood to a good mood!

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