A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager


I’m beginning a new monthly series, A day in the life of a social media manager inspired by Jim Teresinski. Thanks Jim for the idea and for prompting me to begin my new series.

My days vary depending on what I’m working on for each client.
Working from home provides many bonuses but for the undisciplined it can provide many obstacles as well.

Some days I start early and somedays I start later. It depends on my work day and what else I have planned. I’m typically at my computer by 9 am. Since I work from my home office there’s no commuting, no large monthly gas expense or large clothing budget. Of course if I have a client meeting by Skype I dress accordingly but most days I put on something very comfortable such as wearing shorts all summer long.

I begin with checking my main business email, sorting, flagging important emails, filing emails for later and deleting as I go along. I try to never let more than three pages of emails build up. (All emails are read promptly)
After a particular client project is finished I file or delete the email.

I keep a weekly to do list for each client so I can easily see how many Facebook updates and tweets I have scheduled. I also make a note next to each account of any special projects I’m working on, special events, radio shows, promotions, consulting, virtual book tours, ect they need me to focus on throughout the week.

There’s more to managing a clients account than just scheduling updates. Some of my clients belong to several online communities and want to participate weekly, they may also have profiles on G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, The Blogfrog, YouTube and more. They may have blog posts that need scheduling or assistance creating a sellable course and learning about a markable sales funnel.

Sometimes we have live webinars or telesiminars that I assist with the live social media side of the event. I have one client in particular I’m her social media coordinator and I help her fine tune her weekly tasks. A social media manager can have many tasks. Some days are scheduled client calls. I have a daily schedule I stick to the best I can. I do not answer personal phone calls during my scheduled work time.

I always make sure to take breaks to stretch, eat a healthy lunch, toss the ball with my dogs, or start a load of laundry. Another great benefit to working at home!

I also keep a handy supply of healthy snacks in my office for easy access. The less you have to disrupt your work schedule the quicker you’ll get your work done.

I finish each clients tasks and move onto the next one. Depending on what I have going on I may be done by 2 pm or I may work until 1 in the morning. I have a a lot of projects of my own, three blogs, Blogfrog communities, newsletters and my own social media to keep up with so my days vary.

Stay tuned for more in depth information of what it takes to be a social media manager from my point of view. If you are considering a new career path, are very organized, dependable, trustworthy and have a home office setting leave me your questions. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind this is my own personal experience. There are many social media managers with a variety of experiences techniques.

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