Help! What Should I Share On Facebook? 26 Helpful Ideas For Business Owners.



Help! What should I share on Facebook? I get asked this all the time.

Business owners are not sure what they should be sharing on FB so sometimes they become overwhelmed and they don’t share anything at all.

Here are 26 ideas on what you can update your Facebook status with. Don’t delay get active today!

1. Photos of you experiencing something fun or working with a client.

2. Photos of your products, books, courses.

3. Upcoming events.

4. Photo memes – photos with quotes on them. (Hint: Pinterest is full of them)

5. Make your own photo memes that have one of your original quotes or tips and include your website. I like to use Canva for this. 

6. A product from your website.

7. Blog posts.


9. Think about what your audience would like to hear more about. If your niche is dogs, the ideas are endless, funny dog photos, videos, products, health info, pet safety, etc.

10. If your an author, share snippets from your book, excerpts, tips on writing, character building ideas. Get into the minds of your audience and think about what engages them. What do they like to chat about with you?

11. Videos, this really should be number one on my list. People love videos. 

12. What’s on sale? If you are holding a contest be sure to use a third party app so you don’t get yourself in trouble.

13. Specials. Are you a restaurant owner? What’s on the menu today? Do you have special days such as Fried Catfish Fridays? Tell your readers!

14. Ask questions. 

15. Trivia related to your niche. I love when i’m watching Tanked or American Restoration how they ask you trivia questions right before the commercials. Then after the commercials they tell you the answer. Thank goodness for DVR’s, I get to skip right through the commercial to the answer! Ask a question at 9 AM and post the answer at 2 PM, or ask it on Monday and follow up on Tuesday with the previously asked question and then the answer.

16. Share questions and the answers of questions your clients or customers have been asking. If one person is asking there are most likely others wondering the same thing. 

17. Testimonials.

18. Company Podcasts.

19. Links to other articles that may be of interest to your readers. 

20. Your services. After all that’s one of the main reasons you have a Fanpage. To grow your online audience, expand your reach and sell more products or services.

21. Hours your business is open.

22. Hold a live Q and A session right on Facebook.

23. Reshare really cool posts, pictures from people/pages you follow. Make sure it is appropriate content your audience will be interested in.

24. Positive uplifting content. People gravitate towards those who empower them and make them feel better. Avoid drama all together on Facebook it’ll drag your company down in a hurry. 

25. Share highlights about your company, employee of the month, charity of choice. Think outside of the box!!

26. My top tip!! LIVE STREAM – Add the Facebook Pages Manager App to your phone and live stream directly to your Facebook page from your phone.

Come on over and join me on Facebook!


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