Your Time To Write Has Come


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Your time to write has come.

 And it may change your life forever.

Write of Passage: Fall 2011
The Transformative Writing Program for Honoring Your
Purpose & Giving Voice to Your Soul

An 8-Week Live Telecourse

 Wednesdays, September 14 – November 9, 2011 

Simply put, Write of Passage is like a fire walk without the hot coals.


Yes, you will discover extraordinary support structures and practical tools to help you elegantly achieve your writing objectives—but that is only the tip of the iceberg. This telecourse is your unique opportunity for deep personal transformation and awakening.


“Clear your mind of can’t”

~ Samuel Johnson


If you want to mine your soul and awaken the quiet giant of creativity that has been lying dormant within you, then join us for this inaugural life-enriching writing course presented by dreams made manifest.


Write of Passage is not only where you will discover your inner-Hemingway, Seth Godin, or Marianne Williamson, but where you will clarify your purpose, invigorate your spirit, and be inspired to express your individuality.

Your hosts:

Anthony J.W. Benson is a transformational teacher, writer, speaker, and creative business strategist who has worked closely with leaders in the human potential field, including Cyndi Dale, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, and Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

Debra Evans is a gifted content coach, copywriter, editor, and ghostwriter who has worked with New York Times bestselling authors, including Debbie Ford, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra. As former national Director of Programming for Whole Life Expos, Debra has worked with hundreds of speakers and authors in the fields of personal development, natural health, and spiritual growth.

Cyndi Dale is an internationally renowned intuitive consultant,speaker, seminar leader, and the award-winning author of 14 books including The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic AnatomyThe Complete Book of Chakra Healing; Advanced Chakra Healing: Energy Mapping on the Four Pathways, and the forthcoming Intuition Guidebook: How to Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense.

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2 Responses

  1. The Organic Blonde

    This looks like a great course and I really like the vein in which it is being taught. I always find writing to be an intuitive craft. I will be looking at this carefully.

  2. Carol Lawrence

    A course taught by three very intuitive professionals. Experts not only in the writing field but the field of intuition and spirituality.