So you wrote a book. Now what?



So you wrote a book. Now What?

All the hard work of writing, rewriting, editing, giving up a huge chunk of your life to create your masterpiece. Now you book is published and hot off the press.

How do you get your book out there? How do you make your book top of mind?

Promotion, hard work and determination.

This is your baby you just birthed into the world. You need to have a vision, a goal.

First of all create a platform. A foundation to build your brand, your presence from.

You will need a website and/or a blog linked up to all your social media websites. Haven’t done this yet? Let me know and we can get you started.

Limited funds? Build a business page.

Begin posting regularly on your blog to get your name out there in the blogosphere. One to three articles per week. Even if your book hasn’t been released yet, start spreading the word.

Write some ezine articles.

Send out press releases.

Do a free telesiminar or webinar.

Create a Facebook Fan Page for your book now and start building your following

Post regularly to your social media sites or hire a social media manager to do this for you and spend your time promoting your book in other arenas.

Engage your audience. Respond to their requests, comment on their posts, acknowledge their existence. Build relationships that will last. Keep your audience updated on your progress, where you will be signing your book next, latest blog post, etc.

Write guest posts for similar blogs.

Contact your local bookstores and see if they will host your book signing. Offer to give a talk or a reading.

Target your audience. If you wrote a book about gardening you’re not going to be chatting it up on auto blogs.

Create a newsletter with Aweber, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or another newsletter service. Add a newsletter sign up form to your blog/website. Offer a free podcast or gift for signing up. I personally have used Aweber for the past five years. They provide great service, support and training.

Donate a copy of your book to your local library.

If your book is a children’s book donate to your local elementary schools, ask if you can come and read your book to the children on their library day. Invite their parents to join in. Hand out fliers announcing where your local book signing will be held.

Look for Blogfrog or Ning communities that are of like-minded readers. Build your profiles on these communities or start your own.

When your ready to take your book to the next level check out one of my social media marketing packages and together we’ll get your book launch off the ground.

Build your Amazon author profile.

Follow successful authors and study what they do.

Remember public relations take time, consistent work and effort. Keep working at your goals and you’ll get there.

Best of luck to you!

Written by Carol Lawrence

Social media manager, blogger, intuitive parenting adviser and co-host of The Intentional Conscious Parenting Show.

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