When Your Health Tries To Slow You Down


When Your Health Tries To Slow You Down!

Warning, if you are a man you may want to skip this blog post completely. I’ve thought a lot about not sharing my personal story because it doesn’t have to do anything with social media directly but at the same time there may be women out there who can benefit from my story. So here goes…..

In my twenties and thirties going from sun up to sun down was no problem. Keeping up with the kids and all their activities was a breeze. Once I hit 40 life started to change! Now let me jump back in time a bit. Guys here’s your second chance to bail out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Every since my period began it’s never been easy. I can remember  going to the nurse’s office every month for Tylenol or what ever kind of pain reliever the nurse had on hand for pain relief and rest. My periods where always heavy and tiring but manageable.

During my late thirties, early forty’s. I’m forty-four now. My periods have begun to get “really” heavy. So heavy it would be really gross to give you all the details. The last six months or so I’ve began to feel really crappy. I figured I was low on iron even though I took iron supplements, cooked in cast iron pans and ate food high in iron such as red meats, spinach, lots of beets, baked beans and more.

The last few months have been particularly draining so I had my blood work done at a local hospital lab and took the results to a doctor. My iron is so low if it continues to get any lower they want to do a blood transfusion. I’m on a high iron supplement, but a partial hysterectomy is the over all recommendation. All the other solutions are just  a band aid to a bigger problem. A partial hysterectomy leaves the ovaries in-tacked. I’m still processing this all and I’m not that thrilled about surgery but being exhausted taking multiple naps and sleeping the majority of my time is cramping my style. I have a new business to nurture, clients to attend to and books to write. Luckily my kids are grown and my husband works from home with me so now is a good time to make major life changes starting with taking my health back and putting myself first. (Yes I do plan my life around my periods.)

An article on self nurturing and an update on my latest visit to the doctor will follow in a few weeks. Final surgery decision soon to follow.

Signs of Anemia that I found to be true for me. Some of these symptoms can be related to other possible illnesses or deficiencies. Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

  • Constant craving to eat ice.
  • Ridges in fingernails.
  • Consistent Exhaustion
  • Leg pain
  • Spaciness – harder to think
  • Sometimes catching your breath even while lying down is difficult due to the lack of oxygen transfer in the blood.
  • Cold & White toes, do to limited circulation. Hot baths help get my circulation going.
  • Numbing in legs and arms.

If you are a heavy menstrual bleeder and you are noticing any of these symptoms have your blood checked! Don’t wait.


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