Balancing & Grounding In Nature To Prepare For Partial #Hysterectomy



This article is for those who have been following my path of possible surgery for a partial hysterectomy. As many of you know i’m preparing for surgery soon. I’ve had many private emails and Facebook discussions. None of this is social media related except for the fact my online friends want me to keep them posted and share my story.


After much consideration, research and speaking with my doctor I have decided to have a partial hysterectomy. Anemia due to heavy menstruation is taking it’s toll on my mental and physical health and i’m ready to get my health back. High iron supplementation has not been enough. Living in Montana means long cold winters but once the weather breaks we make the most of it and head for the mountains. I’m getting out in nature as often as I can to ground, balance and replenish myself in preparation for my operation. We loaded up the dogs and headed to Rock Creek last week. It was gorgeous! The cottonwoods hadn’t bursted open yet so there was still a lot of green lacking in it’s normal splendid scenery but we were still in awe. We are always in awe and full of much gratitude for Mother Earth’s beauty.

I am scheduled for surgery on May 16th. It’s right around the corner. My surgeon will be using the intuitive surgical Da Vinci Machine. Please don’t think for a second I haven’t done my research, been trying alternatives or looked for other options because I have.  It’s time for a major life change. I’ll share an update after the surgery to give you an update on how it went. I’m keeping my thoughts positive. Soon my #hysterectomy will be over and recovery will begin.


The photo below is the walking bridge further up Rock Creek. It’s a hanging bridge. The dogs where quite funny crossing it. My mister Marv looked over the edge once and then straight forward as he crossed it. It’s a suspended bridge pretty high up above the creek. Across on the other side is a hiking trail and a path down to the creek.



I honestly don’t think I could have had as much peace about my upcoming surgery if I didn’t work at home through my own home business as a #socialmediamanager and #virtualassistant. Working at home has provided me with the ability to schedule ahead some of my work tasks and work right from my bed during recovery if i need to. I’m so happy I took a leap of faith and started my own business! For our next adventure we are headed to Lolo Hot Springs to rent a little cabin, soak our bodies, decompress and relax. Lolo Hot Springs is pet friendly just the way we like it! I’ll be sure to take some pictures and share them with you soon.



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  1. Laila

    I wish you all the best in your surgery and recovery. It looks absolutely beautiful there!

    • Carol Lawrence

      Thank you so much Laila. It is very beautiful here. A bit cold in the winter but when Spring comes you know why you live here.