How to Start Making Money with Your eBook on Kindle Before You Publish It!


Did you know that you can start taking orders on Kindle BEFORE you publish your ebook?

In fact, your customers can order your ebook up to 90 days in advance of it’s release.

But,  in order to get approved for pre-orders, it must be a new Kindle book- later editions and Public Domain books are not eligible- and you’ll have to upload a draft of your ebook for review by Amazon. That gives you time for some copywriting and proofing changes. BTW:  You can list up to 10 titles at a time-and as they are released it will make room for more.

One advantage of taking advanced orders is it allows you to start promoting your ebook before it’s released so you can start creating some buzz, which could include promoting it in Author Central, Goodreads, your own site, Facebook-anyplace where you potential customers might be! Plus, pre-orders count toward sales rank. Pretty cool, huh?

The way it works is that when you list your book, you choose “Make my book available for pre-order” and set a date in the future. Amazon will then publish a product details page for it within 24 hours of approval, however, potential customers will not be able to download any sample content.

You can list pre-orders books in all marketplaces except it’s not available there. And then, your book will be released at midnight local time in each marketplace.

The only stipulation is that you must upload your final manuscript at least 10 days before your release date with the last day for uploading starting at U.S. Eastern time. You can, however, postpone the release one time for a maximum of 30 days past the initial release date. Customers who pre-ordered will receive an email with the change. If you need to cancel the pre-order, you may unpublish your book from the Bookshelf in Kindle.

You’ll receive credit for the sales once the ebooks are actually delivered to your customers and royalties will be  paid 60 days after the end of the month, once you meet the monthly minimum requirement

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