Social Media Tips for Small Real Estate Businesses


Small real estate businesses should utilize social media to improve marketing and sales for their agency. Social media is geared to local cities and towns, and you can market to specific geographic locations as well. It is like word-of-mouth advertising in modern times. Below are some social media tips for small real estate businesses.

Market Your Selling Area’s Neighborhoods and Businesses

Although many realtors believed the pandemic would have a big effect on real estate sales, in a survey by Bank of America, only 18% of respondents cited COVID-19 as a reason for buying or selling. There was little difference in reasons for selling and buying real estate in urban areas and the suburbs. Therefore, you should market your selling area regardless of the pandemic.

Set up a business page on Facebook to market your real estate agency in your local neighborhood, city, or town. A business page will attract buyers and sellers to your market area. You can post entries about local events and the properties that you sell and personalize them to the local area. With this page, you can create geo-targeted ads for specific cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Twitter and Instagram are other social media outlets that you can use for local news and to promote your real estate agency.

Use High-Quality Photos for Each Post

Learn to take high-quality photos of the property, homes, and condos that you sell and post them on all of the social media platforms you utilize. Photos attract customers, and even posting photos of local news events will bring in new customers. Run a photo contest to get photos on new listings, development projects, or follow up on new homeowners. (Be sure to follow the contest rules of the social media platform you are running your contest on.)

Pinterest is a social media platform that connects businesses through photos and images. It is the fourth largest social media site, and it is very popular. On Pinterest, you can set up a board about your neighborhood or city by showing the shops, restaurants, homes, banks, and leisure activities available in the area. This social network will let you set up a board about your real estate listing and other topics like home decorating. It is a great opportunity to use images to promote your business in an interactive way.

Engage With Potential Customers and Answer Their Questions

Did you know that, on average, Americans move every five to seven years? Potential buyers may want to know a fact like this. Use one of your Facebook pages to set up an area for customers to ask questions about moving, buying, and selling. This can be under the heading “Community” or “Ask Me a Question.” When customers post questions, provide them with an answer or comment to let them know you read their post. Then, provide a clear and concise area. Be sure it’s visible for other people to see so you don’t get duplicate questions.

Twitter offers an opportunity for customers to ask a question and for you to respond by providing links to articles, your website, or your Facebook page. Ask customers questions about moving, buying, and selling; then, respond to their concerns. Start a blog and set up a page for questions and answers on your company’s website too, or set up one blog and link to it on all of your social media platforms.

Partner With Local Businesses For Promotions Purposes

Partner with local businesses that can help you promote your small real estate agency effectively. Partner with contractors that can repair and fix problems that arise when buying and selling property. Contractors that repair plumbing, electrical, and carpentry services will make your agency more attractive to customers. Other businesses to partner with are home inspectors, lawyers, banks, and home staging businesses that help clients make their homes more attractive inside and out.

You can also partner with local businesses to run contests with prizes from their businesses. Wine stores, flower shops, cleaning services, bookstores, and supermarkets are all potential business partners and make for excellent marketing opportunities you can use well into the future.

Work With Trusted Finance and Banking Professionals

Establish a list of banks and financial lenders that you can refer your clients to that are buying a home or property. Buying a home is a stressful process, and reliable banks and lenders will help customers achieve their goals. Many local banks and national companies will help clients find 15 or 30-year mortgages with good rates.

Some clients may not be able to afford a home, and a reliable lender can determine this fact. In 2019, American households were $19.2 trillion in debt due to mortgages. Reliable lenders do not give loans to customers that cannot afford them. It’s important to work with several banks and mortgage lenders so that customers have choices when they choose you as their real estate agent. One brand does not fit all, and clients have different needs and income levels. Make sure you have links to these businesses on your social media platforms and your real estate website.

Consider utilizing these social media tips to advertise and promote your small real estate business. Providing as much information to your customers as possible allows the public to trust you and your knowledge of the real estate market and the selling and buying processes.

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