8 Social Media Tips For Salon Owners


8 Social Media Tips For Salon Owners.

Recently while working with a hairdresser, a problem arose that got me thinking about competition. Competition can be scary to many business owners. I believe that concerns like these are normal and can be very motivating as long as they are not driven by scarcity thinking.

Here is the problem we ran in to. The salon owner didn’t want her hair dressers to list the address of the salon anywhere on their Facebook pages. Not in their descriptions or on their Facebook messages. The hair dressers needed to be able to clearly state where they were located. Instead of encouraging growth through the use of social media the owner was stunting it.

If you are a salon owner here are a few tips to drive traffic to your salon with the help of your stylists.

1. Your stylists should list the address of where they rent a booth in their bio.

2. Encourage them to post often on their pages about the services they offer and tag your page to share where they are located and the hours the salon is open and what other services they might find at the salon. (Manicures, pedicures, massage, products, etc.)

3. Ask them to let their audience know if walks-ins are welcome.

4. Plan a media blast for big events or large sales. Have all stylists send out an email blast and social media blast to their followers about your event.

5. Give away free hair, nail, spa or self care related ebooks or pdf docs. Use a landing page and an email opt in to capture names and email addresses to build your list. Share your landing page link with your hair dressers. This provides them content for their audience and builds your list. Be very honest about what email list they are opting in to.

6. Send out monthly newsletters featuring hair tips, latest hair trends, highlighted stylists, self care tips, product sales and more.

7. Entice customers to tag the salons Facebook page using their smartphones from the shop location to have their name immediately entered into a drawing to win a discount off their next visit or a lovely gift basket of hair and nail supplies.

8. Ask questions, share tips, draw people into your world. Share content that makes people feel good about themselves. We all gravitate to things that make us feel good.

I hope my tips get you started. Please don’t be intimidated by social media. It is simply a way for you to connect with the world, share your expertise, showcase how passionate you are about your profession, show how much you care, build a larger following, engage with your audience and grow your brand.

Here are a few examples of some salons doing really well utilizing Facebook. Be sure to use but not over use hashtags and tagging.

Wella Professionals

Brown Sugar Hair and Beauty



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