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Over the past year, I’ve dived into creating a side income with my Soul To Soul With Carol printable business. I sell a wide range of printables that focus on Conscious Parenting, Organizing, Homesteading, Homeschooling, and Holiday Topics.

Screentime checklists, garden planners, dream journals, math equations, teacher lesson plans, kitchen cheat sheets, and a beginner’s keto guide are just a few of the printables I offer.

Soul to Soul With Carol Printable Store

In case you are unfamiliar, printables are digital products you purchase, download and read, use or print. I’ve sold online courses, ebooks, physical products, and digital printable downloads. Often people ask me how to get started adding digital products to their income streams.

Printables can be used at your home for keeping track of chores, your child’s screentime activity, creating a monthly plan, or even delivering your expertise to your customers and clients.

If you have been wondering how to get started creating your own printable business, Alice and Yusef owners of Ekithub offer a free training that will show you.
✨ What Kind of Printables You Can Sell?
✨ Where Can You Sell Your Printables?
✨ Handy Tools to Create Your Printables
✨ How to Deliver Your Printables to Your Customers
✨ Smart Marketing Strategies to Sell More Printables
✨ Includes a Done-for-You Printables Template Library To Help Get You Started

If this is an interest of yours be sure to sign up for the free training today.

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Carol Lawrence Is A Best-Selling Author, Urban Homesteader & Conscious Living Product Creator (Kids Affirmation Cards, Printables, Dream & Journals, Calendars & More!)
Carol Lawrence has been assisting busy business owners behind the scenes with marketing, copywriting, various small biz tasks, and conscious living since 2010.
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