Say It With Confidence. This Is My Fee!



One key to making your business work is being confident in your fee. What is much worse than potential clients thinking that your fee is too high is for them to think that you don’t feel you are worth what you are trying to charge. If someone asks about a fee, and you give out the minimum fee while mumbling and looking at the ground, you are giving off a vibe that suggests perhaps you are unsure about the fee.

Instead, you need to practice stating your fee over and over. Tell your friends and family what you plan to charge.
Talk to other people about the fee. Say it in the mirror and to yourself while you are getting ready in the mornings. The key to being able to share your fee confidently is not letting your throat catch when you say it. Practice it until the butterflies go away.

Many people fear sharing their fee because some clients may go away. That is true. Some people may shy away from paying your minimum fee, but that is okay. What you want is to identify a base of clients who value your services and who are willing and able to pay what your work is worth. People who scatter at the mention of a fee that is in line with industry standards are people who are likely to be difficult as clients. They want professional quality work for amateur prices, and you do not want to give up your hard-earned skills and knowledge for very little money.

Instead, remind yourself if a potential client does balk at your cost, that you are absolutely worth it. Then go practice saying your fee to yourself again!

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