Why I Use Linktree


Do you have multiple products or offers to share?

Are you a creative and find it difficult to niche down to one offering? So do I!

For example I have a variety of products, coaching and courses.
An Affirmation Children’s Card Deck, My Abundance Journal & Tracker, My Garden Planner & Logbook, Rekindle Your Inner Spark Online Course, 10 Ways To Parent Consciously; Parenting In The New Paradigm, Freebies! These are all things I like to share.

Constantly changing my URL can be daunting. Sometimes you want to have one direction to send customers and clients and sometimes you want to give them options.
So what is my solution?

I use Linktree.

It allows me to share one or multiple links with a simple setting adjustment.

Links can include descriptions and thumbnails. The best part is my link is tidy and clean looking.

Another benefit to using Linktr.ee is you can add your social media links, email sign up, SMS sign up and track statistics.

Take a look. https://linktr.ee/carollawrence
They have a free version or upgrade for only $6 per month.
(No affiliate link, just sharing a fun tool I love to use!) 😉


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Carol Lawrence Is A Best Selling Co-Author, Small Business Owner And Conscious Parenting Mentor.

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