Keeping Your Kids Safe On Social Media


When it comes to social media accounts, many of our clients might be curious or even worried about how teenagers and tweens are accessing these platforms. It can be really scary to think about what they have access to and who has access to them.

The content that’s online can be manipulated by young people in ways that are inappropriate or even hurtful.

Here’s an example: Say a client has a beauty blog, and posts something about makeup. Ill-minded teens can use comments or re-tweets to target unkind or bullying content toward a target teen.

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, especially given the usage figures of young people when it comes to smart devices and social media. Nearly all teens go online every day, and nearly three-fourths have had or have access to a smart phone.

Use of different social media platforms varies, but at least you can become educated on what teens and tweens are doing online. Use this graphic to get started.

How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

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