It Takes 5-8 Connections To Create Brand Awareness.


It takes 5-8 touches to create brand awareness and make a connection. There are various ways to make connections with your potential clients and customers. All sales start with a conversation. It may be a conversation between friends sharing what they just purchased or brands they like or it may be a conversation between you and your potential customer. One way of making a connection is by adding them to your sales funnel with Squeeze pages or landing pages and then following up with a series of emails that include a free guide, product, book or video.

You can use webinars, telesiminars, live streams and intro videos to lead people to the top of your funnel. A social media post or blog can be part of your brand awareness campaign and through engagement you can also lead people to your funnel.

I want to be clear I don’t recommend abandoning your website like some click funnel experts recommend. I feel your website is your home base. It can be the hub of everything you do, it’s an investment, it can be sold as part of your business and you own it! With that said, landing/squeeze pages built through Click Funnels or Leadpages can be very, very helpful. Don’t replace your website, just add them to your website or use them independently. When you want to drive traffic directly to the top of your funnel send people straight to your landing page. It won’t have all the distractions your website does.

Watch this short video to see an example of creating your first funnel! This is a fairly simple process when using their drop in features. This short video does a great job of showing you how easily you can create your landing pages.

If you would like someone else to create your landing page for you I recommend Chad at Web Designs Your Way. Let him know Carol sent ya and you’ll get a discount.

If you want to see an example of how the landing page process works with Leadpages visit my Free Twitter Tip page. You will see its a seamless process. I’m giving away 25 Tips For Growing Your Business with Twitter. Valuable tips for anyone who is wanting to make connections through Twitter. After you sign up to get my free document you’ll receive an email series spread out over time mentioning some other offerings I have going on and ways to stay in touch with me.

Here is a quick list on ways to make connections with your potential clients and customers.

  • Squeeze pages
  • Landing pages
  • Webinars
  • Telesiminars
  • Live streaming
  • A follow up email series after they opt in to your list
  • Making connections through your social media channels. Social media is an excellent way to make a connection, listen to what people are saying about your brand and follow up with an invite to lead them to the top of your sales funnel or just simply make a connection.
  • Videos
  • Blog articles
  • Email
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Regular newsletters
  • Phone calls
  • In person visits
  • Facebook ads, Twitter ads & promoted pins on Pinterest

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