Introducing Amazon Best Selling Author Sherry Burton Ways


Introducing Sherry Burton Ways. Sherry is the author of a brand new book: “Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit.
From February 1st – February 12th Sherry will visit 12 blogs on her virtual book tour. You are invited to follow the tour, visit a new blog each day, meet some wonderful new friends and experience something new.

On the tour, you will find 12 blogs featuring written Q&A interviews, videos, book reviews, radio show interviews, excerpts from the book, and articles like these:

  • Candle Color Power: A Healing Tool For Your Interior
  • Organic Bedding For a Healthier You
  • Your Favorite Color Is Your Healing Color

Your Home Is the Key to Overcoming Stress and Increasing Wellness”

 This is the premise of her first book, Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating Your Home for Body, Mind, & Spirit, by Washington, DC Interior Décor expert, Sherry Burton-Ways.

In her book, Ms. Burton-Ways provides questions, suggestions, and exercises designed to help you create an environment that brings you peace, joy, balance and comfort, while also providing a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. Burton-Ways says, “Everybody’s Feel Good Space will be different, but they will all have that ‘home’ feeling, and a feeling of warmth and acceptance for the person who inhabits it. It will provide a relaxing moment in time that takes the person back to themselves, elevates their mood, and empowers them for the rest of their life.”

Burton-Ways presents concepts from which you can choose: color, furniture style, shape, texture and function, art, cultural and symbolic items, personal items and a clean and clutter-free environment. She provides separate chapters on these designs elements, which you can spin like a color wheel and make your selections.

 You are invited you to meet Sherry at Kreative Ways Send Sherry a message on Twitter or Facebook and introduce yourself. Sherry is thrilled to have you follow along her virtual book tour. You may also connect with Sherry on Pinterest:

 Here Is The Tour Schedule For Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Day 1 – On Friday Feb. 1st Ms. Elle Smith (@ on Twitter) will jump start the tour stop on her blog Elle Trendy with an article: “Your Favorite Color Is For Your Healing Color.”   Facebook:

Day 2 – On Saturday Feb. 2nd Faith Hunter (@ or on Twitter) will host the tour on her blog Faith Hunter with a video: “Mid Winter Blues? Here are Two Quick Interior Tips!” Facebook:

Day 3 – On Sunday Feb. 3rd Shifa Al-bey ( @ ) will host the tour by sharing an enlightening radio interview on her blog Oneness Life Style  Facebook:

Day 4 – On Monday Feb. 4th Shelly Wilson will share on her blog Journey Into Consciousness a special article: “Candle Color: A Healing Tool For Your Interior” ~ Join Shelly on  Facebook

Day 5 – On Tuesday Feb. 5th Stacy Toten & Carol Lawrence ( @ will share a review of Sherry’s new book on their blog Intentional Conscious Parenting. Facebook:

Day 6 – On Wednesday Feb. 6th

Sherry joins Dr. Kimberly McGeorge (@ for a live radio show at 8 P.M. Eastern time. Visit Sherry’s website My Feel Good Spaces for complete details! (click the link to listen to the replay)

Day 7- On Thursday Feb. 7th Tonya Parker (@ will share a special recorded interview with Sherry Burton Ways giving you helpful hints on how to turn any room into a space to nourish your mind, body and soul, on her website Mind Body and Spiritworks. Facebook:

Day 8 – On Friday Feb. 8th Lisa Tener (@ opens the blog door with an interview and a video: “For Inspired Authors: Your Feel Good Writing Space” on her blog.Facebook:

Day 9 – On Saturday Feb. 9th The Artinista (@ ) will present an interview and an excerpt from Feel Good Spaces A Guide To Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit on their blog The ArtinistaFacebook:

Day 10 – On Feb. 10th Avalaura (@ ) continues the tour with a special recorded interview with Sherry on her blog Avalaura’s Healing Center invites you to follow them on Facebook:

Day 11 – On Feb. 11th Tonya Spivey (@ ) shares her book review of Feel Good Spaces A Guide For Decorating Your Home For Body, Mind, & Spirit on her website You can also join Tonya on Facebook:

Day 12 – On Feb. 12th Stephanie McGencey (@ ) wraps up the tour with a special article: “Organic Bedding For A Healthier You!” on her website The Sister Source. Find out more about The Sister Source by following their updates on Facebook:

~ Follow Along The Tour And Enter To Win ~

* Grand prize: A copy of Sherry’s book along with her grand prize of a 30-minute H.O.M.E. Interior Environment Intro Coaching Session via Skype or in person depending on location.

* A copy of Sherry’s book along with a 20-minute Color Therapy Consultation via Skype. Color Therapy Consults for interior color is one of the first elements you notice when you walk into a room, and color resonates with you when you leave. Color sets a mood: The right color combination can transform a home or office and bring all who reside there new levels of energy. Custom color palettes for interior walls can bring happiness, harmony and well-being.

* A copy of Feel Good Spaces: A Guide for Decorating Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Don’t forget to enter to win!

Added Bonus** Be sure to listen to Lynn Serafinn’s previously recorded Blogtalk radio show, Designing For The Soul With Author Sherry Ways.”

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