Goodreads An Author Resource?



It doesn’t matter if you just love to read books or if you are an aspiring author, I think you will enjoy Goodreads. Goodreads is a major resource. It is all about books. It has over 14,000,000 members and more than 460,000,000 books listed on its shelves.

New books, old books, all different kinds of genres. You can create your own profile and share your favorite books, your reviews, you can even share the progress of a book you are reading. Sign up to win free books, offer to write a review and meet other book enthusiasts. Goodreads also has an app so you can join the fun from a mobile device on the go as well.

If you are an author this is the place to be. Join groups that fit your needs or create a group of your own. Look for people to review your books, interview you, share your blogposts and help you expand your exposure.

Use Goodreads as another tool in building your author platform.

1. List your books
2. Share your author events – giveaways, book tours, book signings, etc
3. Host a giveaway
4. Join groups – there are all kinds. There is an abundance of people sharing their marketing tips, offering reviews and a ton of other resources.
5. Create your own group surrounding your niche
6. Look around at what the other authors are doing.
7. Connect your Goodreads profile to your Facebook page so all your activity is automatically posted so your Facebook friends can follow along or join in.
8. Make sure your profile is complete, including a bio picture
9. List videos
10. Write a blog
11. Share book excerpts
12. Consider advertising on Goodreads. With more than 140 million pageviews and 19 million unique visitors a month it’s a viable place to put money into.

Author: Carol Lawrence