A complete overview about Social Media Marketing Measurement



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5 Ways To Connect Your Social Media Marketing And Email Marketing (Photo credit: Kris Olin)

Businesses all over the world have understood the importance of social media as part and parcel of a marketing strategy. But they are still not sure how to be sure that a social media strategy is actually working for them. Now experts believe that that there are 4 factors to be considered if you want to determine whether a social media campaign was successful or not.

Growth of visitors

A web analytics tool can easily track the source of the website visitors. The social media should be used to promote a new blog post or a new promotion page or just a new page of content. If the tool shows that there is a steady stream of visitors from the social media sites then there is no doubt that you are using the social media in a correct way.


If there is a social media campaign then it would result in an increase in sales. There will be related appreciation in the number of leads and phone calls too. You may follow the customers and the clients whether they are following you in social media. If they are following you on social media then there is a high chance that the social media efforts have resulted in the conversion. When a client or customer ‘converts’ then the social media gets involved in the ‘retention’ process.


You need to inquire whether people are actually interacting with your brand page on the social media. Just check whether they are leaving comments, liking them and sharing your content. An interaction is absolutely necessary on social media if you plan to increase the fans and followers. But to ensure that you may have to resort to prompting. You can ask a question or share a link to some good content that will promptly respond to any inquiries. If the brand page is not interactive then it is pretty useless.

New fans and followers

The goal of any business should not be to indiscriminately increase the fans and followers. The concept is to gain in fans and followers who are actually interested in the products and services that you offer and those will eventually become a prospect. If with the passage of time your fan and follower base keeps on increasing then it is a very good sign that you are increasing your brand presence in the social media in the correct way to get noticed. If you just keep on adding fans and followers then your products and services will never get advertised in the proper way and there will less leads and conversions.

What needs to be remembered all time is that social media marketing is not concerned about the immediate sales. The focus should be on building a brand and then establishing relationships over a passage of time. However, in some industries the sales cycle should be kept in mind too. In matters of B2B it can take a long time, months and even years, to convince a client or a customer. The social media works tirelessly to keep the brand on top of mind throughout the decision making process.

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