Creating A Passive Income Through Information Marketing

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English: A Picture of a eBook Español: Foto de eBook Беларуская: Фотаздымак электроннай кнігі Русский: Фотография электронной книги (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone wants to create added income, but did you know there are ways to create passive income? Income that rolls in anytime day or night? Income that can roll in during your vacation, while your taking care of a sick child or working on a project?

When it comes to money you should never put all your eggs in one basket. You want to create multiple streams of income. This helps increase your money flow and provides security if one of your other streams dry up.

One way to do this is information marketing. Selling ecourses and downloadable products such an ebook or report.

If you’ve been blogging awhile you already have potential content for your first report. If you haven’t that ok.

Do a little research on the internet and see what’s hot right now or pick a niche that’s near and dear to your heart. Write a report about it, have it edited, turn it  into a PDF document and then list it for sale on your website or on Amazon for Kindle.

Here are a few examples of reports for sale.

7 Dollar Secret – This report gives you detailed information on why you need to be selling information, how Jonathan Leger made $3,000 in 7 days selling a 30 page report, creating ebook covers and how you can put together your own report and get started today. I guarantee you this little report is worth way more than $7.00 (Keep an eye out for my latest report coming soon!) When I purchased Jonathon’s report 7 Dollar Secret I also received a surprise report.  Write That Report. You can’t beat a two for one super bonus! Both of these books will help give you a baseline for writing your first report. 

7 Essential Things to Know as You Evolve into a Multi-Dimensional Being is a report that teaches you vital spiritual tools to help you through the energetic shift taking place right now. Do you think that evolution has stopped?  Think again.  Right now all of humanity is undergoing an enormous, life-changing evolutionary process. This powerful booklet summarizes the changes through which all of humankind is going.  Learn why the process is unfolding, what will take place, physically and emotionally, how to best handle the changes,  and what gifts is this energetic evolution bringing YOU.

I wanted to show you two completely different reports so you can see the difference. What do you have a passion for? What are your experiences in? Parenting? Carpentry? Cooking? Business? Animals?

Turn your passion into profit today!